Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is some exciting stuff!

Hi everyone!

First, I need to apologize once more because once again, this post does not have any pictures.  I have officially lost the battery charger for my camera.  I think it happened on vacation, but I just can't be sure these days.  Either way I have to get another one before next Monday, and you are about to find out why.

Okay here's the exciting stuff...

Jude has been on the waiting list for the LSU Language Preschool for some time now.  Well last week I got a phone call from the director of the preschool asking us if we were still interested.  We set up a visit for Monday (yesterday) to see if both parties thought Jude would be a good fit for the program.  We showed up and Jude loved the school and student teachers and they loved him.  So.. guess what??


We are so excited!!! (In case you couldn't tell)  We feel that the program is going to do wonders for Jude and his communication and cognitive development.  He will have his own individual communications student that will give him undivided attention and instruction throughout the day.  His class only has seven children in it, so it won't be overwhelming for him.  Right now we are enrolling Jude in the 2 day program.  We can eventually move him up to a 4 day plan, but 2 days will be plenty for now.  

This Wednesday would have actually been his first day, but Jude has been quite sick the past few days.  We took him to the pediatrician today, and thank goodness it's only a cold virus.  However, it's hit him pretty hard.  Thank goodness for Vicks Vapor Rub, Motrin, Tylenol, Pedialyte, and Gripe Water!!  Please keep him in your prayers.

Alright, more good news...

The same day that the director from LSU called, a teacher called to schedule Jude's IEP! WOOHOO!!  So after visiting LSU Preschool, we attended Jude's IEP at our elementary school.  

Now I have heard that IEPs can be an absolute nightmare... but that was not our case.  It went very well and I just love his future teachers and therapists.  Strange, I was excited about the LSU preschool but felt a little out of place; however, at our local elementary school, I felt so comfortable and easy.

The attendants explained their evaluations and plan of actions- which I felt comfortable with.  They also talked to me about possibly enrolling Jude in their preschool come this fall.  Now this was very exciting because I thought that due to Jude's birthday, this preschool was out of the question for another year and a half.  The teachers told me that getting him in the preschool would be no problem if that was our desire.

They were so sweet and compassionate.  They explained that they want to provide not only what is best for Jude, but also what is best for our entire family.  And that if we chose to put Jude in the preschool this fall, we could work out a schedule that was easiest for us.  The service coordinator sweetly referred to the new baby that will only be about 4-6 weeks old when school starts in the fall. They understood that Sweet Pea's arrival will greatly impact our schedule and are completely supportive of our family's needs during that time.  I left the meeting feeling confident that Jude will be in great hands there because they genuinely care about his well being.  We also set a schedule to start once Jude gets well.  We will be bringing Jude once a week to the elementary school for therapy, and the rest will be homebound services for now.

With all the new stuff going on in our family's life, I am seeing Jude take his natural place as our "Big Boy" and make room for Sweet Pea to be the new family "Baby".  I can't explain the mix of emotions that comes with this...  I am so proud of him!  I wondered if we'd ever get to partake in all this fun stuff such as preschool.  But it breaks my heart that he is relinquishing the role as our baby.
I tear up every time I think about dropping Jude off at preschool.  I have never left him in the care of anyone besides his grandmothers and the nursery at church- and even that, I was always right down the hall.  So, Monday I will be a mess of tears dropping my baby (sweet pea isn't here yet) at preschool.  If anyone wants to join me for my "Boohoo Breakfast", you are more than welcome.

That's all for now.  I will keep you updated on our sick little redhead.  And I PROMISE to have pictures from Jude's big day!   


  1. How awesome & exciting about both the LSU Preschool & the elementary one :) LOVE IT!

  2. Yayyy for Jude!!! That is exciting news. I'm so happy for yall.


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