Thursday, February 25, 2010

An update or two...

Just a few updates on what's been going on...  First of all, we saw Jude's GI specialist Tuesday.  He thought as far as nutrition goes, Jude looks great.  He said his weight was good and to keep doing what we're doing.  We also discussed Jude's feeding issues.  The doctor feels like since Jude has passed his swallow studies, that his poor feeding is probably phsycological.  Meaning eating stresses Jude out due to oral aversions and visual defensiveness...  (Jude doesn't want anything in or near his mouth and will push away and cry with he sees anything coming towards his face)  However, the doctor still wants to scope Jude to make sure that he doesn't have any inflammations due to allergies causing it to be painful when Jude eats and swallows.  This could be likely because inflammation was found during Jude's bronchoscopy that was thought to be the result of allergies (which Jude tested negative for).  The Dr. explained that many patients have tested negative for allergies yet had the inflammation.  Hey, it's worth a shot.

Second, we saw the pediatrician yesterday for an upper respiratory infection.  Now we are on antibiotics which help the infection but end up giving Jude stomach aches and causing vomitting.  So if you will pray against these things for Jude.  Although Jude has been sick, he has been in a great mood.  He's been such a sweet baby; cuddling and kissing every chance he gets.

Well that's it for now.  Jude is going to visit his Maw Maw and Great Grandma this weekend.  Hopefully the weather will be wonderful and I'll have some nice pictures to post.  Hope eveyone has a blessed day!!

Angel and Jude  
Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Lil' Wagoneer

The weather this Saturday was too good to stay inside.  So outdoors we went.  We sat in the grass (where it was dry), hit golf balls, and took our first ride around in the wagon we got for Christmas.  Jude loved his wagon.  We took turns pulling him all around the yard.

Maw Maw Lucy is pulling him while Mommy takes some pictures.

Then Mommy got a chance to pull him around and Daddy took pictures.

After we rode around in the wagon a while, we took a pit stop in by the barn in Uncle Joey and Aunt Casey's yard to play in the leaves from the big oak tree.  Jude had a blast throwing the leaves.
(Look at Jude's hands; they are full of leaves.  This was kinda exciting because of Jude's sensory issues, he is so picky about what he touches.  He didn't think twice about grabbing the leaves to throw :)

And of course, Mommy doesn't let too many picture opportunities pass her by...

Just look at how red that hair is!! I would have never guessed that Lane and I would have a red headed baby.  We think it's beautiful and perfectly fits Jude's little personality.

This Watts Family had a great weekend.  We hope everyone has a great week!!!
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Standing Boy

Standing in his pack-n-play like a big boy...
It's so exciting to see that Jude's muscle tone is improving everyday.  Seeing him stand all by himself is so surreal to us.  We love every moment and can't wait to he's walking around (or so we think).  And yes.. I know he really needs a haircut, but I just love his red curls...

Jude had a great Valentine's Day...  He was mommy's sweetheart for sure.  And the shirt is so true, Jude does love the ladies... and anyone else that will give him attention  :) 

And we were so excited to see another Louisiana Sneaux Day.  It was beautiful falling, but I am not a huge fan of getting wet and nasty.  Lane was at work and couldn't come play with us in it, so we were content to watch the snow from the window.  Then Monday we had a water leak from a valve in Jude's bathroom which left the carpet in his room and the guest room pretty wet.  Lane came home from work to help clean up the mess and in the meantime Jude decided he loved us too much to be put down.. AT ALL!  But all is better now, with the carpet.  However, Jude will not let us out of his sight.  It's kinda nice in a way...

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Brand New Day

As most of you know, Jude has had a Caringbridge site for a long time now.  However, I have decided to back away some from that site since Jude's health is stable and nothing scary has been happening lately.  I have decided that I just love documenting and journaling special moments in our family life.  So I'm going to do that on this blog I had started long ago.  I will be posting pictures and special moments on this blog from now on...  so remember to add it to your favorites list ;)  Now I haven't decided on whether or not I am closing the Caringbridge account; as for now it is active.  This blog will kind of pick up where we leave off with Caringbridge, but more family oriented. 

Check back soon for special pictures because I will be putting some stuff up soon..