Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine Goes to Preschool

Happy Day After Valentine's Day

I hope your Valentine's Day was special.  Mine sure was.  I got to bring my little redheaded Valentine to his first day of PRESCHOOL!

I was so excited and nervous to bring him, but when I got there he went with his teacher to play outside.  He smiled at her and didn't even look back at me.  His confidence and sweet socializing spirit made me so proud.

I did manage to get a few pictures before I left...

I cried a little as I took some pictures, but luckily a sweet friend works on campus and met up with me, so I was distracted from leaving my baby. 

And this is a picture of him with his sweet assistant.

Jude was so excited when Mommy and Daddy showed up to pick him up from his first day of preschool.

They left me pictures and a progress note in his little cubby...  So silly but I'm excited over the little fact that he has his own cubby at school.  They were pictures of him throughout the day.  He played so well without any crying or fussing.  I am most proud of his behavior at snack time.  There was a picture of the teacher feeding him applesauce without any fuss!!

On other sweet news, my other Valentine took off work to pick Jude up from preschool, take me to the doctor, and just spend the afternoon with me.

First we saw Dr. Ann for a visit with Sweet Pea.  She had nothing but good news and said everything looked wonderful. So the game plan is to see Pediatric Cardiology and let them take a look at Sweet Pea's heart in two weeks.  Then when I am 21 weeks (four weeks from now), we will go back to Dr. Ann for the big sonogram that will give us the answers that I have been in anxiety over.  One way or the other, there will be tears... I am just praying that they are tears of joy and relief and thanksgiving!

Speaking of Sweet Pea, I gotta feeling that "she" is probably going to be a "he".  The curiosity has me reeling and I hope I don't crumble and find out the gender at the next visit.  I am also trying to get my name list settled down, which is so tough for this indecisive Mama.  We have a couple names for a boy and girl, but can't seem to set one of each in stone.  I don't like trendy names and even if I like a name, if it's popular, then I don't like it.  So trying to name this baby has been difficult.

Well.. I hope y'all are out enjoying this beautiful weather... which is what Jude and I are about to go do.  Bye!!

Angel and Jude

Ps.  I have way more pictures of Jude's first day, but I'm out of space for pictures so until I can buy some more, we might be pictureless for a week or so.

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