Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A "Just for Fun" Survey

I put together a survey.  A "just for fun" survey about the baby names we have chosen for Sweet Pea so far.  I mean... I can't call him or her Sweet Pea forever!

Anyway.. The survey does not include middle names (well one does) because we haven't completely decided on them either, and I didn't want the middle name to sway your decision.

I will announce the results of the survey once it has reached 100 entries and closes.  If you get here too late, which you probably won't, feel free to leave your answers or opinions in the comment section. 

You can also email me your suggestions or comments at

If you suggest a name, please include the meaning. We feel that naming a baby is actually blessing the baby, so naming a baby is important business in our family.  (We believe that every spoken word has the power of blessings and cursing) Our favorite names are older and very non popular names.  I probably won't use anything that was in the top 20 names for 2010. 

In case you are wondering... 
Jude's name is 
Steven Jude
which means
one who is crowned (Steven)
one who praises GOD (Jude)

I also cannot promise that we will use the winning names.. Like I said, this survey is "just for fun".  Besides, for those of you who know me personally, the name list will probably change before July and there will be a whole new survey up ;-)

Oh and the survey is anonymous.. so I won't know if you hate (which I hope you don't :) our baby name choices..

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