Tuesday, August 30, 2011


What defines sweetness?
Maybe a pink flower
or that sweet newborn smell?

What defines perfection?
Is it ten little fingers and ten little toes?
What defines beauty?
Is it a baby's first cry
a sweet little girl
or the love a father has for his children?
What defines love?
Could I describe love if I tried?
Or that feeling I get when
I count all the treasures
my Father has blessed me with?

Happy Six Weeks??

Today, Aubrey Lane is SIX WEEKS OLD!!!

Yes... yes it has- for those of you saying, "Has it really been six weeks already?"

And what is Aubrey Lane doing, and where is she doing it at on her six weeks birthday?

Unfortunately, Aubrey Lane is a patient at Our Lady of the Lake's Children's Hospital!

Yesterday afternoon, I found a rash on Aubrey Lane and called the pediatrician who informed me it was probably nothing more than a little newborn rash.  A couple hours later, she started to run a little fever (of course after hours).  So we ended up in the Lake's pediatric emergency room.  The fever was low, but since she is under 12 weeks old they felt they needed to rule out the super scary stuff like spinal meningitis.  So my sweet baby underwent several sticks to get some blood work and a lumbar puncture to check her spinal fluid.

Now, I thought that being Jude's mom and all I've been through with him would toughen me up for anything else down the road.  Well I was wrong because seeing Aubrey get stuck broke my heart.

Praise. The. Lord. that the blood and spinal fluid cultures have all been normal.  Her CBC blood work showed she probably has nothing more than a little virus that's causing the fever and the rash. However, the doctors decided to keep Aubrey for 48 hour observation to get IV antibiotics just in case any of her cultures start to show something.  That 48 hours ends tomorrow night which means she will get discharged Thursday morning if all goes well.  The doctors have admitted that this stay is probably just overkill, but they don't want to take any risk with her being so young.  Which is fine by me; I'd rather be extra careful.

My sweet girl is doing good.  She is still running a low fever and very sleepy but I know God will keep her safe just like He has from the beginning!

It's crazy to write that about someone other than Jude being in the hospital.  Jude is doing great.  He started preschool yesterday and he loves it.  Cries when we leave the building.  Jude and Lane are actually here at the hospital right now visiting their sweet baby.

Please pray for our family as we are getting a crash course in learning how to balance the needs of two children now.  And of course, please pray that Aubrey Lane heals quickly and the tests all remain negative.  
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time is FLYING By

I can't believe that it is already mid August and I am just now making my first blog post for the month!

Well... actually, I can believe it.

Life has been a little busy the past month, to say the least.  And blogging or anything to do with the computer, among lots of other things, has simply not been on my list of priorities.  All the energy I had before Aubrey Lane was born has completely diminished.  I nested and kept my house pretty clean before her arrival... now I would be embarrassed for anyone to know how long it's been since my floors were mopped :-/  My joke I tell lately is that getting my teeth brushed before noon is an accomplishment these days... however, there is more truth than comedy to that statement.  Regardless we have truly enjoyed our new family of four!

Life has been good!

It has been hard, but it has definitely been good.

Can you believe that Aubrey Lane is FOUR WEEKS old today?!?!  

I can't!  

But she is.  She will be a month old this Friday.  And she is growing like a weed! She weighs over 8 pounds and no longer has that dazed, cross-eyed newborn look.  Her looks have changed as she grows; she has her own unique look; not just a baby look. (makes me sad how quickly she is growing) She is tracking and discovering new things everyday.

Like her big brother.

Jude has also noticed that there is a new family member in the home.  However, it hasn't affected him much.  He observes her with a calm curiosity from time to time, but carries out his regular routine for the most part.  

These pictures were taken the day we came home from the hospital.  She has grown so much since then.

Now that school is starting that routine is going to change for all of us.  Jude will be starting back at LSU Preschool and also doing some homebound services through our local preschool.  

Actually, I'm pretty excited about all of these changes.  Right now, I am still under restriction not to lift anything over 10 pounds so that means that caring for Jude leaves me completely dependent among other people.  Hopefully, in two weeks my doctor will release me to a "normal" lifestyle, whatever normal is for my family now.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of their summer.  It sure did fly by, as does all time these days.  Make sure you are making the most of it!

"Don't be afraid of death, Winnie.  Be afraid of the unlived life."
                         -Angus Tuck from Tuck Everlasting