Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day Story

Ok.. so most of our family (biological and GSBC) know that Lane and I left out of Sunday Morning Service today in a rush to get Jude some medical attention.  However, most of you don't know exactly why and I'm writing to fix that, but I need to back track a little first. 

Let's start with Monday: we were in the cardiologist office bright and early for a six month checkup.  Jude's condition had remained relatively the same and the doctor decided to up his heart medications significantly to accommodate his age and weight.  *sigh of relief*  So life continued as normal until Thursday; a day in which Jude started showing symptoms of a little stomach bug.  He stayed sick all Thursday and Friday only tolerating Pedialyte.  Saturday, Jude woke up feeling much better, but we kept him on the Pedialyte until we knew for sure.  That evening (last night) found us last minute Mother's Day shopping at Target.  While we were shopping, Jude got real sleepy and kind of "zoned out" on us (for lack of better description).  We didn't think anything at first; we just thought "It's late and he's tired."  Then he turned very red and starting sweating heavily.  We got a little worried, but not much because again we thought that maybe he just got overheated.  We left Target and Jude seemed better by the time we got home.  So the episode lasted about 25-30 minutes.  We checked on him all night and he seemed fine.  This morning I had Jude in the baby nursery with me while I worked.  (PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS HAND IN THAT!!!)  He did the same thing: one minute he was playing with a toy, the next minute he was sleepy and laying on it.  So I put him in a crib.  A few minutes later I went to check on him and he was red and sweaty AGAIN!  This time I knew something was wrong.  I found Lane in choir and we rushed our Judey Jude to the ER at the Lake.

Once we had gotten to the Lake, Jude had seemed much better and coherent again.  After waiting in the ER all day and a few x-rays, everything looked better and they were about to discharge us.  However, the cardiologist thought that they should do an EKG just as a precautionary in dealing with Jude's history.  No problem, right?  We just saw the cardiologist Monday.  Well turns out, the EKG had some concerns that worried the cardiologist enough to admit Jude to the Pediatric ICU for observation.

The spells, they believe, could be caused by the increase in heart meds combined with the stomach bug and lack of food.  The heart meds greatly affect Jude's blood sugar levels.  The doctors feel that a drop in his sugar levels could be the cause for Jude's weird spells.   But that doesn't answer the abnormal EKG.  They are wanting to make sure that Jude's heart is not under any new stress or the Jude is having an arrythmia (sp?).

We have already had some answered prayers today.  One being that a nurse was able to start an IV on Jude for the first time in over two years.  SUCH A RELIEF.  I couldn't quit thanking her.  And Jude is sleeping quite peacefully.

As far as Lane and I... we are doing fine.  We already had our little cry when Jude was first admitted, but  this is familiar territory.  We KNOW that our ALMIGHTY FATHER is right here beside us, orchestrating EVERYTHING!!  We are not feeling hopeless or frustrated, but we are praying and claiming good news tomorrow.  Now the rooming situation is quite uncomfortable in the PICU at OLOL, but we'll manage that too ;)

Thanks so much for the prayers and love today!!  We love and appreciate y'all so much!  I'll try to update tomorrow when we get some news.  If I don't answer any phone calls, it is not because I don't want to:  the PICU is a little strict on phone usage.   However, I can text!  Talk to y'all tomorrow.

Lane, Angel, and Jude

PS.  Jude is really enjoying his late spring/early summer.  I've been wanting to post some new pictures, but we have been to busy having fun.  I'll try to get on that soon ;-)

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