Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some Sunshine After the Rain

This last week has been a trying week.  Sunday night Jude started to running a little temp and went to bed a little early.  Monday, Jude woke up with fever still and upset stomach.  Ok... let's get real, there was poop and throw up everywhere.  After a visit to the pediatrician and a diagnosis of a stomach bug, we returned home to settle in for the next few days (of course during a beautiful week).  As the days passed, Jude seemed to only get worse.  He ran fever and slept all day.  So Thursday found us back in the pediatrician's office with a diagnosis of  STREP on top of a virus.  YAY!!  So after an antibiotic shot we got to go home and settle in again.  We followed up with the pediatrician again on Friday and came home with another ten day antibiotic.  During this grueling week, I began to really miss the my happy little Judey Jude.  We hadn't seen a smile or heard or laugh since SUNDAY!!  Then Saturday morning comes and in with its sunshine comes the first bright smiles we've seen in forever.  Jude has been smiling and laughing all day.  While he's not yet 100%, it's so nice to have our lil' man back.

It is sad to lose a such a beautiful week to such a nasty virus, but don't worry.  Jude had already started enjoying the beautiful weather before he got sick.  We've done some fun stuff the past couple of weeks.. So I'm planning to still post all that fun stuff and all those too cute pictures ASAP!!  So don't be surprised if you see a few posts out of order!  I hope everyone has been enjoying this much needed, beautiful weather.  

Angel and Jude