Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Step At a Time

Please accept my apologies as I haven't blogged in, I don't know... FOREVER!

I've had tons of blog posting ideas and events.  Jude's first day of school, Aubrey Lane learning to walk, crafting, medical updates, business updates, adventures in house building... well lots of stuff.  However, I've had exactly the opposite of tons of time to blog.  

I don't have any free time at all... ever... ever!

I have completely over-committed myself that I'm actually kind of frustrated with myself.  But, hey.. it's only a season, right?  And come Thanksgiving, I'll have a little breathing room...

Despite my busyness, a moment happens from time to time that is so blogworthy it takes priority!  

One of those moments happened today.

I got to go to school with Jude for a little bit this morning and get an idea of what his day looks like.  (He is doing AWESOME in school, by the way).

Right after we got there... well why don't you just watch the video...

Yep!  That's right.   Jude walking and bearing his own weight!  The band around his chest only helps him stay balanced!  This is a HUGE deal!

I am just so proud of that redhead and all he has accomplished!

John 1:16