Thursday, February 3, 2011

Updates and Prayer Requests

Hey everybody..

The emails and texts have been pouring in, and we feel so loved and blessed by all of you.  I plan to respond to each sweet note of encouragement as soon as things start looking better.

As most of you know Jude was transported to the hospital via 911 emergency services and was admitted to the PICU with an RSV diagnosis.  I don't really have the time or the heart to share the details of yesterday just yet.  

I am calling out for my prayer warriors because Jude's condition improved initially, but as the night went on, his stats have declined.  

Please PRAY!  The doctors are trying a last stitch effort to help him improve without the use of a ventilator, but they are not hopeful and have made plans to intubate him and put him on a ventilator soon.  

Naturally, Lane and I are terrified.  Please keep our sweet boy in your prayers.  

I will update when I can, but it has not been very easy.


  1. Angel, I am praying for your sweet baby boy Jude and also for you and Lane! I know you do not personnaly know me I am a friend of Karen Roe and also Mr. Garland and Mrs. Nell. I pray that Jude will be ok and that God will place His healing hand on Jude and a comforting hand on you and Lane.

  2. Praying and crying. but mostly praying!!!!

  3. Angel,
    I just found your blog this morning through DaLana's facebook page. I am praying for Jude, your husband, and you.
    Kerry Sheldon
    Central Schools

  4. Sweet Jude, we are praying for you. Keep strong, get well. Angel and Lane, you are also held in prayer in our home. God has great things in store for your family. Lean on His Promises an He will see you through.


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