Hey y'all!  I'm Angel. 

I'm a southern wife to a hard working man, momma to the cutest redhead little boy and a beautiful green eyed little girl, and redeemed child of God making a home in south Louisiana.  I'm a work at home mom with a business I started five years ago called The Mustard Seed Boutique.  You can visit my shop here.  I love all things domestic (well except cleaning, ha), crafty, and interior design.

I started this blog as a twenty something kinda newlywed and new mom to our sweet son, Jude, who was born with special needs due to a genetic disorder.  You can read all about his special story here.  For the first few years of Jude's life, he was extremely medically fragile. So my original purpose for blogging was to "graduate" from CaringBridge journal, but still keep friends and family up to date on Jude's progress and health status.  

Then we were surprised with the blessing of another pregnancy- a healthy baby girl we named Aubrey Lane. 

As time passed, Jude's health status steadily improved, and despite delays, he is incredibly healthy (the Lord has really blessed our little family). However, I still enjoyed blogging and documenting our little family life, as well as writing about lessons God has taught me along the path He put me on.

A little bit about us...

Like I mentioned before, I am married to a wonderful man named Lane.  We have been together for 12 years and this year we will celebrate TEN YEARS OF MARRIAGE!  Wow! That went by so fast!

We have the most adorable 8 year old son named Jude.  He wins hearts everywhere he goes with his curly auburn hair and crystal blue eyes.  Although Jude's health and development are significantly affected by a rare genetic disorder, he has defied all odds and his development is a true testament to God's unfailing mercy.  We were worried that life with Jude would be so overshadowed by disability and grief, but I'm telling you he is just a ray of sunshine and life is so much better with him in it!

We experienced more of that mercy about 5 years ago.  After the question of whether or not more babies could be had due to Jude's genetic disorder, we were blessed with the birth of a very healthy baby girl.  We named her Aubrey Lane.  She is just the sweetest little thing with the biggest heart.  Our home is never quiet because Aubrey Lane is a little songbird that never tires, and if she isn't singing, she's keeping us laughing at her little witty personality.

Together, Lane and I are raising our babies on love and Jesus in rural Louisiana on a little piece of land where we are currently building a home to hopefully raise more babies in.  Our farmhouse has been a dream over four years in the making before farmhouses and shiplap were all the rage.  I actually dreamed of a coastal farmhouse and even made Lane travel to South Carolina a couple of years ago to see these dream houses in real life.  However, in the middle of an old cow pasture seemed too far from the coast to have a true coastal cottage; so farmhouse it is.

I can't promise you'll find the best recipes, DIY projects, or most motivational posts in this blog, but you will find our real life adventures and hear my heart as I navigate through them.  Thanks for stopping by.

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