Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four Months

Aubrey Lane, you are FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!

The stats are on the picture, but you weigh 14 pounds and are 24 inches long.  You are just below the 50th percentile in height and just below the 75th percentile in weight.  You wear 3-6 months or 6 months clothes, and you just started wearing a size 2 diaper.  You have your very first cold right now, but other than that you have been pretty healthy.

Your milestones are about the same.  You pick your upper body up when on your tummy, and you are trying so hard to roll over unto your tummy from your back.  You also like to stand anytime I hold you.  Lately, you have started pulling your knees under you when you're on your tummy. 

About a month ago at 3 months, you decided that you no longer wanted a pacifier or a bottle.  So it's just me and you baby girl.  Your pediatrician normally doesn't suggest cereal or solids until closer to 6 months for thriving breastfed babies.  However, since you no longer take a bottle, she has given the okay to start you on rice cereal so that Mommy can have a date with Papa every now and then and not worry about you starving.

You still really enjoy your swing.  We have started putting you in your jumperoo and you really enjoy that too!  You have started watching TV which absolutely blows my mind.  We have your Praise Baby DVD in the car and it helps with road trips because you still don't like to ride that much.  It's not the ride that bothers you; it's the car seat.  You scream every time we buckle in it, but are quieted by Papa giving it a couple swings.

Aubrey Lane, you are such a beautiful baby.  Your eyes are still blue and your complexion is still so rosey.  People are constantly stopping me to oooh and awe over you.  They often ask me if I put make up on you because you're so pretty, but I don't.  You are just naturally so beautiful.

You are a pretty laid back baby, never too fussy (only in church, haha, which you will start going to the nursery this week).  You laugh and coo for us; however you are tough crowd.  We have to work hard for those rewards.  But we gladly do so.

I hope you get to read this blog one day kiddo.  It tells the story of our family.  The stories behind the legacy we are working hard to leave you and your brother.  I love you very much!

Happy Four Months, a little late,
Monday, November 21, 2011

I hear you!

Today I am taking my sweet Aubrey Lane and little Jude Dude to Woman's Center for Wellness. Aubrey Lane is having her hearing rechecked. Because Jude is hearing impaired, Aubrey will
have to get her hearing checked regularly. I think...

Nothing is telling me Aubrey's hearing is impaired as well, but prayers are appreciated!

As for Jude, he is picking therapy back up at Woman's. He finished preschool at LSU until next semester, and we are resuming speech, occupational, and physical therapy. I am a little excited about this because all of these therapist are like family to us. Plus I'm not sure how much private therapy Jude's school schedule will allow for next year so I want to get as much as we can now.

I'm going to make a stronger attempt at blogging updates on Jude and Aubrey Lane. I feel very revived in my outlook on Jude's development. I believe- scratch that- I know that the Lord spoke to my heart through our Pastor's sermon yesterday morning!

Don't worry- I will divulge all that wonderful stuff later. For now I've gotta run!
Friday, November 4, 2011


To say it is National Blog Posting Month, I'm not doing so well :-(

I have good excuses...  Two of them! Jude and Aubrey Lane ;-)

We've had lots of school and therapy, several doctors appointments, an ear infection, a stomach virus, and tons of hugs and kisses.  

We've been a busy family.

Well I actually have three good excuses.  The Mustard Seed Boutique is actually growing and I'm getting some steady business.  I delivered a couple of orders this week!

I'm working on my Etsy store right now and getting it up soon!  

I'm thankful for the little extra income to help out!  

Other than that, Fall is officially here- calendar wise and weather wise.  And we are really enjoying it.  I'll have to post some pictures soon!  Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

I hope everyone is well!