Friday, February 18, 2011


Hey Y'all!  I have a few free minutes while the redhead is napping to post the results of my "just for fun" baby name survey.  

For Boy Names:

Last place was a tie between "Shaw" and "Scrap all three names" each coming in at 5%.  
That's okay... My dad hates the name Shaw anyway for corporate reasons :-)

Second place was "Boone" with 20%.  
That's our favorite name so far.

And FIRST PLACE with 56% of votes goes to "Sawyer".  Y'all really seemed to like this name.

For Girl Names:

Last place goes to "Anything but these four" with only 2% of the votes.

Fourth place goes to..."Jesse Lane" with only 10% of the votes.  
This was weird because personal response has been overwhelmingly pro Jesse Lane.

Third place goes to "Landry" with 22% of the votes.  

Coming in second place is "Scarlett" with 27% of the votes.  
This was also a girl name I had picked for Jude, but Lane is not sold on it.  My mom's name is Katie, and it may be a little too "Gone With the Wind" but I thought Katie Scarlett and calling her Scarlett would be CUTE!

And FIRST PLACE goes to "Ella" with 39% of your votes.  
Ella was my grandmother's name.  I love the name, but it's popularity has grown quite a bit the past few years, and I'm not sure I want to use a popular name.  But the jury is still out...

Gender Results:

Only 7% of you think it's a BOY!  
I have to side with the minority on this one.  I'll be ecstatic if it's a girl, but I just feel like I'm having another little boy.

17% of you have "NO CLUE".

And a shocking 76% of you think that it's a GIRL!
I sure hope you're right despite my gut feelings.  I guess we'll all find out around mid July.

Well that's it for now.  Thanks to those who participated in the survey and also gave me their opinions and other name suggestions.  I had a lot of fun!!

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