Sunday, February 6, 2011

the right direction

Well it seems as if all things are moving in the right direction.

The respiratory therapist gradually moved Jude's Vapotherm flow down all day.  We started at 15 lpm (liters per minute) yesterday morning and was moved to 10 lpm.  By 5:00pm, Jude was doing so well on that setting that they moved him down again to 5 lpm!!!  We were nervous that this quick step down would send Jude's CO2 level back up, so they repeated his blood gas lab last night.  The results were wonderful!!!  Jude's CO2 level has come all the way down to 39%.  A perfect number is 35 and that leaves room for play.  So Jude's CO2 level is now in the normal range.

Jude played hard yesterday and had a bunch of sweet visitors.  First my parents came by to see Jude.  Their intentions were to give us some free time to get out of the room, but we didn't leave and just visited them.  We visited and watched a movie while Jude cat napped.  My mom fulfilled her promise and brought me some hot lemonade with honey and homemade chicken noodle soup.  And I think I do feel better this morning ;-)  I was thankful to see my mom and dad because I don't get the opportunity to get back to Amite very often.

Then Kim, Robert, and Lane Garcia came in along with Sarah and Eric Hodges.  It was so great to see some friends and get some big hugs in.  Plus they were too sweet and came bearing gifts for the family.  Snacks and puzzle books for Lane and me, and balloons, toys, a ball, and books for Jude.  And of course, the basket was loaded down with Jude's favorite stuff in the world- BUBBLES!  Now I am not sure on what the hospital policy on bubbles is, but I wasn't about to ask and be told "No".  So we opened bubbles and Jude became that very vibrant little boy we all love.  He was so loud, I was sure the nurse would come and fuss at us (even though we have had the SWEETEST nurses), but no one seemed to mind that Jude was feeling good.  By the way, we are in the PICU, but not just in a bed behind a curtain like we were the last time.  We actually have our own little room which makes this stay so much more... comfortable... well as comfortable as a family can be in the PICU.

Then some of our family dropped by.  Lane's little brother Joey and his wife Casey along with her parents and little brother.  It was so nice to see them because we are very close to Joey and Casey who also happen to be our next door neighbors, and we love Casey's family like they were our family.  So it was a nice visit.  I wonder if Joey and Casey miss us at the property yet ;-)

Then another couple that we love like family stopped by bearing even more gifts for all three of us.  Can I just stop a moment and give thanks for all these blessings!!!  Mr. Gene and Mrs. Gwen Cummings came in with a gift for Jude and a financial blessing for us to order food from somewhere besides the hospital.  They also brought more quarters- A LIFE SAVER- and some very sweet company for a while.  Mrs. Gwen was even sweet enough to volunteer to come sit with me and help me once Lane goes back to work and Jude gets moved to a room.  While they were here, Jude's IV failed and they had to come put in a new one.  Afterwards, Jude was in hysterics and nearly inconsolable, but Mrs. Gwen sang softly to him until he calmed down.  That family is so sweet and we love them very much!

Then my best friend from high school, Megan flew in from Washington, DC last night and "stopped by" to see us on her way home to Amite.  First let me just tell you that even though she made it seem like it was on the way, trust me it was not.  If anyone knows there Louisiana map, Amite is a straight shot north of Kenner and actually closer to Kenner than Baton Rouge with only about an hour drive.  Megan drove out of her way to Baton Rouge to visit, then headed home to Amite :-)  Seeing and visiting with her was just awesome, and we promised to try not to let so much time go by before the next visit.

Then Brother Dennis and Mrs. Penny came by for a visit after their date for Mrs. Penny's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS. PENNY!  It was so nice to visit and pray with both of them.  They were so happy that Jude looked so much better since the last time Brother Dennis was here.  We had a great visit with them, but can't wait to see them back in church when all is well again.

After they left, Jude passed out and we were quick to follow.  It was a great day and we actually got some good rest.  Well... as much as we can get on those fold out couch beds..  

Today, the plan is to attempt to wean Jude completely off the Vapotherm and back on regular oxygen with a lower flow of 1 lpm- then continue the weaning on the flow until he is completely on room air.  Once Jude weans from the Vapotherm, we should be able to go to a room on the floor.  Then once Jude is on room air, we should be able to go home- probably Tuesday if I had to guess.  We are excited and thankful to God for all the healing.

Well that's it for now... Gotta get Jude in his Steelers outfit and get the place ready for the big Super Bowl Party we're having here this evening!  Haha.. well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little.  Have a great day and I'll update y'all with any changes.  

Hugs and Kisses,
Angel, Lane, Jude, and Sweet Pea

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  1. Hey, just caught up on your post, you've had some excitement! Praying everyone feels well and that Jude continues to recover! Hugs!



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