Sunday, October 28, 2012

Summer Wrap Up, way late...

So I don't know about the rest of you, but the past couple months for me have been uncomfortably busy.  I'm not even sure how it happens.  One day my life is very boring and the next day it's very busy.

It started with Aubrey Lane's first birthday party and just hasn't slowed down since.

We thought that school started a week later than what it did.  So when we found out the exact dates of the new school year, we decided to forgo the big trip we planned to Tybee Island for a fall trip to Gatlinburg...

However, this momma still needed some sun on my shoulders and sand between my toes.  So we decided to go to Florida for a quick beach trip with the kids.

Then we left the very next day.

It was so last minute that we couldn't find a beach front room, but that didn't stop our fun.

Both the children LOVED the beach.  They played in the sand and water and everyone escaped without a sunburn... cause momma did her job with the SPF.

It was fun... but a lot of work!

Having two small children on the beach to run after is a lot of work.  Exhausting more than relaxing at times.

But once we got everyone coated with sunscreen, toted to the beach, and set up with beach toys and entertainment, I really enjoyed the rest of the day.

The kids loved the beach.  They played in the water, sun, and sand without the least little bit of fussing.

And Mr. Lane and I just sat back and enjoyed playing with our kids and having 4 days to devote to them.

We said goodbye to the beach and headed home to finish gathering up school supplies and uniforms for Jude's first day of prekindergarten.  

I was so excited and proud of my big boy for going to school.  People kept asking me if I was going to cry, but I was too excited and happy for Jude to reach this milestone that crying seemed impossible for me.  And I knew he would have wonderful teachers who are also wonderful people- I actually consider his teacher and paras to be friends; I just love them!

But... after I dropped him off and got him to class, I pulled out of the parking lot and it hit me.  The car was too quiet.  No more Mommy and Jude shopping trips, or cold Mondays snuggling on the couch watching cartoons.  No more lunch date with daddy or sleeping in daddy's spot when he leaves for work.  My complete monopoly over Jude's time and attention had come to and end, and despite how happy I was for him, the tears began to flow.  I watched Aubrey Lane in the rearview thinking it would cheer me up; however, it only made it worse.  I realized it was only yesterday that Jude was her age and tagging along with me like she does now, and that soon she would be off to preschool herself.  

With the start of school, summer started slowly drifting out and autumn has started slowly drifting in.

We spent one of our first nice weekends at "The Mississippi House" as Lane's family refers to it.  It was Lane's great grandparents' home.

 The entire family went up to see the home and land and look for treasures left there by there grandparents.

Of course, I saw it as a great opportunity for taking pictures of my babies and get more practice in shooting in manuel mode.  

In the midst of all these things, we've had some other important events too.  Jude has settled into school and even participated in his first field trip last week.  He's also had a couple of hospital visits, but only for diagnostic testing.  All have come back very encouraging and do not require any further surgery.  YAY!  

Jude also turned FIVE a couple weeks ago.  That's right!  Our redhead is FIVE!!! Can you believe it?  

Aubrey is growing fast and RUNNING everywhere.  She's a busy little baby but she's so sweet and beautiful.  

And Lane got a new job.  We are so excited.  He has been trying to get this job for four years now!  We are very nervous because it will be a huge lifestyle change for our family, but it's an incredible opportunity for our family.  We aren't "change" people; even when it's good change, so this transition is bittersweet for us.  

The Lord is also moving in our lives, and I can't wait to share- but this post is long enough so I'll have to do it next time.  I'm hoping to stay on top of the blogging a little bit so that it's not so overwhelming to catch up on..  I know, I always say that.  Hopefully this time I can keep my word.  

Hope y'all had a great weekend and that everyone has a great week as well!!