Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FALL in love...with Gatlinburg!!

Now that summer is officially over, it is time to get in that fall frame of mind.  My personal favorite time of the year..  (my hubby even claims that I love him more in the fall)  Well.. if you are a fellow Louisiana resident, you know there ain't nothin fall about this weather.  But thanks to fellow blogger Kellie of This Blessed Nest,  I am inspired to resist this Louisiana heat and start celebrating fall with her during her Fall Festival..  (Check it out by just clicking on the button to your right.)  So in response to her call to all who love fall, I will be making a series of posts as to why I (and the rest of the family) love fall.

I love fall because you get to take beautiful fall vacations like the one my family and I took to Gatlinburg, Tennessee last year.

I had never been to the Smokey Mountains, and I must tell you: I WILL go back!

Every place we went was decorated from top to bottom in autumn decor providing plenty of beautiful photo opportunities...  a scrapbooker's dream.  I even managed to get from behind the camera and in front of it.  A feat nearly impossible for a mom ;-)

I just loved this photograph of Jude with the pumpkins.  He had just started sitting unassisted and that made taking random pictures of him so much fun.  And a Christmas tree made of pumpkins..  who thinks of these things.  I guess only Dollywood during the Harvest Festival.  It was beautiful... decorated with fall foliage and pumpkins and gourds everywhere.

Not only were the attractions decorated, but the whole town was in full Harvest Festival swing.  There were beautiful trees of red and gold all along the quaint streets of Gatlinburg.  I just loved parking and walking up and down the streets to see everything and visit all the boutiques.

There were activities for every family member, including my courageous husband who went zip lining.  I love this picture of him zipping through the trees.

I loved taking pictures of all the rustic churches and wooden farmhouses bordered by beautiful fall leaves.  I by no means claim to have any type of photography skills, but I thought these pictures came out gorgeous!

You can't go to Gatlinburg without going to Cade's Cove, or so I'm told.  The pictures we got from there were beyond gorgeous.  I hope to go back to Gatlinburg soon.  It was a great time with family members we adore and had a blast with.  And the perfect fall vacation.  It's easy to FALL in love with Gatlinburg.

Well.. that was the brief tour of one of the reasons I love fall so much.  I'm obsessed with it as you'll see throughout the future posts.


  1. look at all these fabulous pictures. i'm not sure which is my favorite. of course your little man sitting in front of all those pumpkins is just plain awesome. the one with the 2 of you is wonderful as well.

    i live in tennessee about 2 hrs from gatlinburg. i sure hope you all will be able to get away this fall as well!

    it was truly a pleasure to have you link up again to the festival! thank you so much.

    hope you guys have an awesome weekend together!


  2. Kellie,

    Thanks for the sweet comment. Fall Festival has been AWESOME! And your bags are beautiful!! I hope you have a great weekend as well...


  3. We used to go to Gatlinburg on a regular basis. We lived in Western NC for 4 years. Such a fun place!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. I also wanted to add I love your blog! You are such an encouragement! Your son is adorable.

  5. I live in Middle Tennessee and absolutely love going to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. We usually go a couple of times a year. It's actually one of my all time favorite places to visit.

    Happy Fall to you.

  6. This is also my fav spot in the world we go twice a year. This year we are going the first week of Nov and the leaves will be beautiful. We hike and the view from up on the mountians are beautiful. This is where I go to relax and reflect on the beauty all around us.


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