Thursday, February 3, 2011

some news and some thank yous

Ok.. I have some news and its okay.

They repeated Jude's labs to check his blood gas levels and the results were a little disheartening.  It seems that his CO2 level is starting to go back up again.  Not much, but enough for Lane and I to worry a little.

The doctor, however, does not seem worried yet.  They are weaning Jude from some of his respiratory support aka turning the BiPAP down a few notches.  So the doctor feels like it is alright to see an increase in his CO2 level for now, but there are still going to watch him closely.  She explained that if he can maintain the CO2 level as they wean him away from the BiPAP and onto the Vapor Therm, then eventually his CO2 level will come down as he gets better.  But only time will tell and this momma is starting to get a little anxious again.

On a bright note, Jude's Ph level is slowly trending back to normal.  And Jude is more alert and watching TV.  He is nowhere near the spunky little boy we all know, but I did get two smiles today.  (Lane and I miss spunky Jude very much!!)

Speaking of Lane and me...  we are both doing better.  We each managed to get a nap today.  Lane has gone home to freshen up, bring me some clean clothes, and get Jude's favorite blanket.  It broke Lane's heart to leave him and Jude cried as he left, so I had both my guys in tears which makes me cry..  

Okay... I have to give some recognition and a big thanks to some sweet friends of mine...

This afternoon, a friend from high school stopped by to visit and bring us a gift from her and some of my other high school friends.  They gave Jude some sweet books, a toy, and some magic socks.  I can't wait to see him playing with all of his gifts in a few days.  And  there was also a gift for Lane and me... a generous gift card to Subway which will be an absolute life saver to help cover the cost of meals while we are here at the Lake.  If anyone has experience in Peds here, you know that two food vouchers are given a day, but for only one parent.  So that helps tremendously!!!

So to Courtney, Amanda, Latraiel, Erin, and Dana:
Thank you so much!!  We are so grateful for you kind gift.  However, I am more appreciative that in this busy life, you stopped and thought of me and my little family.  I love y'all so much and wish we could see each other more!
Lane and I are very grateful!

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  1. What an awesome gift! How sweet! So sorry y'all are going thru this. Praying for you guys! Hope you'll see 'spunky jude' really soon! :)


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