Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our Little Pumpkin is SIX

Can you believe that Jude is already SIX?!?!

Well he has been six for over 2 weeks now.

We decided to hold his party the weekend after his actual birthday in hopes of cooler weather.  Eventhough his birthday in on the 12th of October, his parties have always been pretty hot, and it always seems that cooler weather appears only a week later.  

This year was no different.  It was so warm the week leading up to his birthday- like summer was never going to leave.  Then I woke up one morning the week of Jude's party and autumn was HERE!  Oh GLORIOUS cool weather and beautiful brown leaves on the ground.  The weather was just perfect for the Fall Harvest party I was planning for Jude.  Only problem was I hadn't planned it.  


Well I had the date and time set aside, but I hadn't nailed down a single detail!  Seriously!  Well some of the family knew the date and time, but I hadn't sent out the first invitation or sent the first text to anyone.  SO UNLIKE ME!

So I had to throw a party together quick.  Lane was working nights until Thursday morning and then that day we had a field trip and parent teacher conference so there wasn't even time to do any planning, buying, decorating until FRIDAY.  The party was scheduled for 11am the next day.  Not only did I have to do everything THE DAY BEFORE THE PARTY, but I had to do it for CHEAP because I hadn't budgeted for it.

Well before you start to fret, the party was so successful and so cute that even I was surprised!  

I had at least thought arrange for some fall themed cupcakes from a sweet friend, Amy.  And since Amy's daughter was celebrating a birthday, I made some gifts and we kind of bartered services.  So the delicious cupcakes and oh so yummy treats didn't break the bank.  

The cupcakes were pumpkin and candy corn, and the treats were chocolate dipped pretzels coated in crumbled Butterfinger candy bar.  OH SO YUMMY!!

As for decorations, my sweet friend Beth bought some candy corn pom poms from Hobby Lobby for my booth at Southern Charm Marketplace.  So I went and snagged those and added a few more to it.  Actually all the party supplies came from Hobby Lobby.  All the Fall goodies were 40% off so I made sure to buy the paper plates, napkins, plastic table cloths from the Fall section instead of the party supplies section.  Once again, a money saver!!

To add to decorations, I filled jelly jars from my mother in law's home with Halloween Candy and placed them randomly around the tables.  I also used yellow, orange, and white punch balloons to hang around the porch for decorations.  They later turned into favors as each kiddo was leaving.  They were free also thanks to reward tickets won at a birthday party the week before.  

For activities we decorated miniture pumpkins that we bought from the local church pumpkin patch the MORNING OF THE PARTY.   I had the idea, but the night before we couldn't find any pumpkin face sticker while we were out gathering party goods.  So I went home and cut out a bunch of eyes, noses, mouths, even mustaches on black vinyl with my Silhouette.  

Jude loved decorating his pumpkin, as did the other kids.  

Then I set up an apple bobbing station.  I really didn't expect the littles to bob for apples, and they didnt... BUT the older children and adults did!  It was so funny watching different ones getting soaking wet going after an apple.  Cute hair and makeup were even sacrified to bob for apples.  

Even Lane's mom bobbed for an apple!!!

Then after cupcakes and hotdogs, we had a hay ride.  The hay was also free because Lane great uncle loaned it to him. 

After it was all over, I couldn't believe how cute everything was and how much fun everyone had!  It was the pefect day and it didn't break the bank!

But most important, it was Jude's special day.

I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate his 6th birthday.  There was a point in time when celebrating his 1st birthday didn't seem very likely.  And for so long I lived in fear of what the future brought Jude.  Five seemed to be that magic number in my head.  

"What if he's five and not walking?"  "What if he's five and not talking?"  "What if he still has the feeding tube when he's five?"

Well, five has come and gone, and despite that my worst fears from 6 years ago were confirmed, they are not my worst fears now.    My worst fears now is that Jude would be unhappy or feel unloved or not special.  And I am pretty sure that he is happy and I work hard to make sure he knows he is loved so so much and he is so special to everyone who meets him.  

I am no longer fearful of the future, but excited for it, expectant of it, and thankful for it!

"However many years anyone may live, let them enjoy them all."
                                                                     Ecclesiastes 11:8

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October

Happy October, y'all!!

Fall is officially here!

Sure we started decorating for fall a month ago and the first official day of fall is September 22, but it never really feels like autumn to me until October.

October. When the pumpkins start arriving in the store. When you see a pumpkin spice latte in the hand of every friend. When there are fairs of all sorts. When the smell of cinnamon and brown sugar start filling your kitchen.

Isn't it funny how new seasons come? Just when you think you can't take the one before it a day longer.  It always seems to me that spring and fall always arrive at just the right time every year.

Reminds me of God's grace. It always arrives at just the right time; right when I need it the most.  Not before, not when we want it to, but right when we need it.