Monday, February 7, 2011

Just 1 Step Closer

Greetings from a hospital room!  That's right...  I said "room" not the PICU!  Jude was transferred to a room on the floor about an hour ago!  So, YES, I am much happier.

Now this room is actually smaller than the room in the PICU was, but it has it's own bathroom.  So no more trucking down the hall to shower in the family shower room- UGH!  They also have room service with a larger variety of food than the cafeteria offers and dessert- this pregnant Mama is happy about that.  But, most importantly, a room on the floor is just one step closer to going HOME! YAY!!!!

Since we are not in the PICU anymore, Jude got to come off all the monitors and be tube and wire free.  Now I can pick Jude up and hold him, and pack him around the room, and put him in the chair to snuggle with me.  Those simple acts of are such good medicine for this Mama's heart, and I think it's good for Jude's as well ;-)

We have already had a couple of sweet visitors this morning!  My friend Jodi came by the PICU.  I enjoyed her visit very much.  Then another friend Stacy came by with her friend just as they were moving us to our new room, so they were so sweet to help.  She also came bearing gifts of a ballon and the sweetest softest little lamb for Jude.  And I loved their visit as well.  Getting some adult conversation in was so nice.

Alrighty, well Jude is napping very sweetly, he's humming in his sleep ;-)  And this Mama's eyes are getting heavy so I think Sweet Pea and I might join in on the nap.  

I know I say it a lot, but I can't say it enough... THANK YOU for all your prayers and gifts and thoughts.  Even to my Blog friends who haven't met Jude-your emails and messages of encouragement have really been a blessing to my heart, and I plan to respond to each one of you as things settle down again.


PS. I just want to go ahead an apologize for all the grammatical errors.  My eyes are heavy so I can't promise that one sentence of this post will make sense.. or since?  See I can't even get my diction straight right now ;-)


  1. Angel I am so happy to hear Jude is in a room now! It sounds like he is doing a lot better. Our God is good!


  2. I am praying for healing, comfort and endurance for you and Jude:) I am so happy to read that Jude is doing better each day.


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