Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Bunny Hop

For over three and a half years, you have prayed and followed Jude's milestones and accomplishments!  Y'all have gotten just as excited as we have when his hard work pays off and he meets a new goal.

Well I have some very exciting news...

I have waited for not seven, eight, or nine months, but for FORTY FOUR MONTHS to be able to say..


Just like Jude is incredibly unique, so have been the ways in which he does things.  And this is no exception.  Jude's crawling is referred to by his therapists as "bunny hopping". 

He had been doing it once or twice here or there, but tonight the light switch flipped on and he does it pretty much everywhere he needs to go.

It is really too cute.. so cute that I had to share a video of him doing it.  So, ENJOY!!

Untitled from The Mustard Seed on Vimeo.

Isn't that too cute!  We are so proud of Jude's new accomplishment.  We know he worked hard for it.. and so have we.

Does it sting a little to be able to make the announcement that my son is a crawler three years late?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  In fact, it makes the announcement even sweeter to share!


  1. Oh Angel , that's fantastic. You could see the excitement on his cute little face. Lane looked so proud. Just precious!! Jude could not have two better parents. You should be proud of not only Judes accomplishments but all of your accomplishments as parents. I'm so glad to know you and pray that everything with Sweet Pea is just as you have prayed for. Let his will be done.
    Love y'all

  2. That is SO CUTE! I love it! Great job, Jude! :)

  3. Aww how awesome is that!! He is so cute and we are proud of him :)

  4. Angel I could watch that a thousand times over and never tire of the joy on his face. I can only imagine the joy and excitement you must be feeling.

  5. I love sharing all of Jude's accomplishments with you! He looks so pleased with himself that he has mastered another skill! ! Thanks for giving us all these great glimpses into your life!

  6. How wonderful!!!!! So happy for your sweet family!!!

    Praying for you today and for that little love of life you are carrying!!!

    I wanted to stop in and mention that Kelly Stamps of is hosting a big link up for special needs families. Stop in when you can and share your story:)

    Beautiful you.....



  7. So adorable!!! Congrats proud mommy!

  8. What a wonderful accomplishment...crawling! Thank you so much for checking out Witt's blog. I am excited to read all about Jude too! I know you feel like we do...we are blessed beyond measure!!!
    ~Karen(Witt's grandmother)

  9. Wow, what a wonderful accomplishment...crawling!!! Thank you so much for commenting on Witt's blog! I am excited to read all about Jude too! I know you fee the way that we do...blessed beyond measure!!
    ~Karen(Witt's grandmother)

  10. Tears.....tears. This is a proud moment for all of you, so happy I could see it and cry tears of you joy for your sweet family.

    Love Ya,
    Cha Cha

  11. How excited your heart must be!!! I know that when my son crawled for the 1st time I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! Mine still does not crawl on his own, just when his PT makes him, lol.

  12. oh that post just blessed the socks right off me! God is good... so so good! Yay, Jude!(said to the tune of "Hey Jude")

    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    we used to live in Baton Rouge and still visit often... lots of friends there. have talked of moving back.

    i wonder if we know any of the same people.


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