Sunday, February 13, 2011

a fireman's birthday

Well the weather has been just beautiful this weekend, and I've heard it's going to stay that way all week!!

With beautiful days and a Judey Jude on the mend, what better way to spend a pretty Saturday than at his cousin's 3rd birthday party.  It was Fireman themed with a visit from the Central Fire Department to top things off.  All the little kids LOVED getting to sit in the firetruck and work the hose.

I was amazed that this is a FREE community service by the City of Central, and it was such a hit with all the party goers.  I think that a Firefighter Birthday Party may be in Jude's future.

We managed to get some way too cute pictures of Jude with the firetruck.  He was absolutely AMAZED with the shiny red truck and all its noise.  I think we were more excited than he was ;-)

My sweet little family!!
(you can see that Sweet Pea is also making it's appearance known a lot more lately)

It was a great birthday party...

On some other big news...  
Jude's First Day Of Preschool Is Tomorrow!!!!
I am so excited for my little Valentine.  He is such a big boy!!
I have another appointment for Sweet Pea tomorrow afternoon so if you could please say a little prayer for both of those events, I would really appreciate it!

That's it for now... so nice to be able to post some fun things instead of hospital updates for a change!  

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  1. so so sweet to see these pics!

    i am sure he loved it all.

    i'll be thinking & praying for you ALL tomorrow.
    jude may not do to well tomorrow when you drop him off, or he will do just fine. either way, remember he will be okay when you leave & he will love all the activities!

    take care!


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