Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've got some news...

and it’s good!
The doctor’s appointment for our little sweet pea went wonderful today.  The doctor said I am measuring perfectly for my 13 weeks gestational age!  She saw no reason for any concerns at this point.
I also got to hear its sweet heartbeat again, which is still very fast.
I talked to the doctor about the nuchal screening and she has decided to not go forth with the screening unless I really want it done.  The doctor explained that the screening is not definitive enough to put me through the stress of worrying over the test results.
We see her again in 4 weeks which will put me at 17 weeks (we found out about Jude’s uniqueness around the 17th week); however, since we aren’t finding out the gender of the baby, there is no big rush to do an ultrasound at that point.  The plan is to do an in depth anatomy scan via ultrasound around the 20-21 week range when the baby will be bigger and easier to look at. So we will actually get our next ultrasound in the pediatric cardiologist office at the beginning of March.
On some Jude news..
He has been doing wonderful.  He’s going and getting everywhere in his gait trainer.
He also has still been eating well.  We decided to keeping him on the Stage 3 and oatmeal textured food for a couple of months or so.  We just don’t want to freak him out on textures and reverse his progress.  
He is also learning to get into standing position and pull up on things at therapy.  As soon as he masters this skill, he will probably start cruising along the sofa and coffee table.  *I wait for over three years for this child to walk, and he’ll probably decide to do it about the same time I get a newborn in the house.  So funny.
Oh and just yesterday, Jude has decided to start nodding his head yes to things.  He’s gotten the “shaking his head no” down pat, so we were so excited to see this new skill arrive.  
I talked to Jude’s coordinator for school today and it looks like we will be doing his IEP in the next week or so.  He qualified for all services offered.  So next month our schedule will get completely revamped and we will get to meet some new therapists.  Very exciting time.
That’s it for now.  Thank you so much for all your prayers.  I cannot verbally express the value we place in them.  Someone today was definitely praying for some peace for me because I felt great for the appointment and not a nervous at all.  Whoever you are, THANK YOU!

This morning while I was waiting to see the doctor, I was reviewing over my bible study I just started and let’s just say God had a great message in it for me.  We are studying “Jonah” right now by Priscilla Shirer and a “life interrupted.”  She gave us a scripture from Psalm 145:17 which states “The Lord is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works.”  She went on to give this explanation for that scripture:  He is kind in all His ways so you don’t have to worry that He will take advantage of your loyalty.
After reading this, I just know that everything is going to be alright.  


  1. So Happy for You Angel. Everytime I read your blogg I am so overwhelmed with tears of joy. Thanks for the encouraging words. What a profound statement "He is kind in all His ways so you don't have to worry that He will take advantage of your loyalty. Wow. I am blessed. Love you,

  2. What a wonderful update! ! I love reading about Jude's progress. He's such an amazing little guy! And too cute for words!


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