Saturday, September 11, 2010

a Purple and Gold legacy...

Well, it's Saturday in Baton Rouge and you know what that means...  TIME FOR SOME FOOTBALL!  Tiger Football is not just a game that happens on Saturday night, it's a way of life.  Some of the best times I can recall occurred while doin' some Tiger Tailgating.  

You know you are a Bengel Belle when you..

you have LSU home decor,

you have a Tiger Tailgate mat that usually resides in your truck, but also doubles as a comfy palette for your little one or a picnic blanket,

your baby has a limitless supply of LSU gear including t-shirts, blankets, burp cloths, hats, stuffed animals, jerseys, and a pair of jon jons that need ironing,

you have a closet full of purple and gold outfits, accessories, and shoes, and your husband has LSU fishing shirts (which he likes to consider as dress clothes, ugh boys)

and you have a LSU themed birthday party for your baby (which you had to plan around the LSU-Florida game... we even had a Gator helmet for the youngsters to bash)!

I even had to plan my wedding around an LSU game!  We had set the date for 11-11-06, but it was the night of the LSU-BAMA home game.  We couldn't do that to our friends, so we got married on the Friday night before.  Sad, huh?

Well if you didn't get the idea, I can always find more proof..  


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