Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Finally Did It...

I made my first outfit for my sweet Baby Jude!
I picked out my pattern (thanks to the $0.89 sale at Hancock Fabrics) and found some sweet Fall plaid on sale at Hobby Lobby...  then got to work!

I had been wanting to sew an outfit for my lil' man FOREVER now, but never really got around to it.  Well, thanks to all the crafty inspiration I've been getting from the Fall Festival at This Blessed Nest I decided to get some sewing courage from my Mama and make that outfit.

Speaking of my Mama... she gave me tons of tips, but the best one she gave was a tip to get my needles through the thick material so much easier... and I just had to share her secret.

That's right... my Mama uses a bar of soap as a pin cushion.  I couldn't believe the difference it made!!

 So I spent some time late last night and during nap time today to work on what would hopefully be an outfit that was almost a cute as Jude, himself.

I also had to stop with the OCD and remember my Mama's sweet advice:
 It's homemade, not perfect, but beautiful! 

Luckily my sweet hubby came in and played with Jude so I could finish
(minus the buttons) Jude's Fall Longall.

Isn't it too cute?!?!  Add a black turtleneck and we are ready to go..
Oh.. and I have just enough material left to make a sweet lil' girl a matching pillow case dress!!
(If you know anyone?)

Thanks for letting me show off my latest project!  Now that I have a little confidence under my belt, I am going to make many more little cute outfits for my Judey Jude.
And yes you will probably have to suffer through reading a post for each one ;-)

Happy Fall, Y'all!!!


  1. Wow! You go girly! I have a sewing machine, it scares me.


  2. Great job! Now you're ready to start a business! I have a feeling I will be shopping from you often. My mom made just about all of my clothes when I was little and I wish I could do the same for Cheyenne, but I just don't have the time nor did I really ever learn how to sew. May get you to teach me later. IF you haven't got any dibs on the girls pillow case dress, I know of a little girl who'd love to wear one, just tell me how much to pay you for it!!! Love ya girl.

  3. look at you!!!

    you have every reason to be proud. he will look adorable in it. i love longjohns on little boys. so sweet.

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!


    sorry so late in commenting. i've been under the weather (much better now) and making bags for a wedding. are the sweetest to link up two times.

    thanks again. have a great weekend.

  4. What a great job you did! I'm a little jealous of anyone who can sew.


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