Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pencil Me In

I don't know how you other Mamas get the job done, but I have found that I cannot get through the week without my planner.  There is no way I would have made it the past three years without it.  It helps me keep track of all of Jude's appointments and therapies which DOUBLED as of yesterday completely over loading my September calendar.  There are appointments and therapies penciled in EVERYWHERE.  **One thing I have learned is to never ink in any of Jude's appointments in my planner unless I wanted to own stock in White Out.

But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purpose of his heart through all generations.  
Psalm 33:11

In October, my sweet Baby Jude (as so many of you and my family members call him) will be turning THREE!!  Well up to that point he has been receiving therapy services free from the state known as Early Steps.  However, once he's three, he will "age out" of the program and the school system will then take over.  This is going to be a little hard for this Mama because I love all of Jude's therapists through the program and will hate to say goodbye.  I have also heard that therapy through the school system is not rehabilitative therapy, which is what Jude needs.  To add to this, I've talked with someone from our school system and the Family Service Coordinators are misinforming a lot of parents.  You see, I was informed by my FSC that when Jude ages out of Early Steps that he will be able to immediately start preschool and receive his services at the school and choose between a 2-5 day-whole or half day program.  NOT SO... at least not in my school district.  Jude will receive homebound services until he turns 4 by the cut off date which is September 30th.  Well, Jude's birthday is October 12th.  So that means that Jude will be almost 5 when he will start preschool = TWO YEARS AWAY.

Now I am not in any rush to send my baby off to school, but I do think a half day educational program somewhere with other children would greatly benefit his development.   I have him on a waiting list at the LSU Speech and Language Preschool, which would be the perfect preschool for Jude.  It is taught by Speech Therapist in graduate school.  Which means that the teachers aren't there to babysit and get a pay check; they are being heavily graded.  But Jude is still a little young for the school, so we would have to rely on our school system to fill in the gap with their therapies.

Well, for those who don't know me, this Mama doesn't like to rely on the unknown.  Therefore, Lane and I have decided to take Jude back to private therapy (therapy that you or your insurance pays for) at Woman's.

This week Jude was evaluated for Speech, Physical, and Occupational therapy.  We were so blessed to get all of his same therapists he had before.  So we will start next week with therapies through Early Steps and private therapy at Woman's.  Once Jude ages out of Early Steps we will try to schedule each therapy twice a week and see how he handles that.  We will also add in aquatic therapy which he will LOVE.  And that is the plan until the end of the year.

All of Jude's therapists remarked on how much progress he has made since seeing them last.  They also remarked that his personality is much stronger and more outgoing.  Which is a plus and a minus for them because he will now throw temper tantrums when he doesn't want to work or things aren't going his way.  It's definitely going to be interesting.

We will also be getting a new piece of equipment that will teach Jude to walk.  It is called a Gait Trainer.  I'm sure he'll hate it at first, but once he sees the benefit of getting around, he will grow to love it.  That is our problem with walking.  Sure, Jude is not quite strong enough yet, but he resists his leg strengthening exercises because walking holds no value to him.  So hopefully this will help out.

Well that's it for now...   I just wanted to give you a quick update on Jude's current social life ;-)  I hope y'all have a wonderful day.



  1. Angel, this is the 1st time I've had to read. I am so blessed to know you, Lane, & Jude. Ya'll are such an encouragement to me & my family. There is always joy in being around Jude. God has a special purpose for him & for you.

  2. I am happy to hear Baby Jude is progressing! You and Lane are both blessings to your sweet baby. I don't think you know me but I keep up with how your baby is doing by talking to Mr. Garland and Mrs. Nell Watts. They are very sweet people. I am so happy to hear encouraging news for baby Jude!


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