Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feelin' a Little Creative...

So what has been going on with all of y'all, my friends?  Have you been gettin' up a little earlier in the morning to drink coffee on your porches while enjoying this touch of Fall weather??  I haven't had the time yet, but I hope to soon.  "Haven't had the time" has been my personal catch phrase for the summer.  I put all of my energy into geography and english papers, and as of today, I AM DONE!!! I took my my English Final today!!

To make today even sweeter, my sweetie was feeling so much better.  Jude was back to his happy self today.  This was the highlight of my day which went not quite as I had planned.  In my head, I had envisioned my day to be something like this..

English final at LSU around 9ish.  Then rush home to pick up my lil guy from my mother-in-law's.  Then, I would swing by Hobby Lobby or Michael's (they have both been calling my name).  After a little reward-for-my-academic-accomplishment shopping, I would get home with my treasures and spend some one on one time with my favorite redhead.  Put him down for a nap and work on some crafty projects or start some fall decorating around here until my hansome hubby gets home..  Pretty perfect, huh?

Well let me tell ya what really happend...

On the way to LSU, my truck starts making this awful scraping noise, so I called Mr. Fix It (Lane, he's pretty handy) and he was convinced the truck was undrivable.  However, this Mama was on a mission to finish my English course; wasn't no way I was missin' this test today even though driving through LSU with your truck making a loud shrill scraping noise does wonders for your security.  It's bad enough that I already feel like I'm the oldest student on campus.  Anyway, I finish my final and follow Lane's directions to get the truck straight to the shop, go slow, and BE CAREFUL. (his concern was so sweet and cute) He even arranged for his mom to bring Jude out to me and pick me up.  So I get to the dealership and it turns out it's only a rock caught between the rotar and the dust plate (does that make sense).  So my mother-in-law and I hit up Hobby Lobby while waiting (gettin to the creative part) and five hours later, my truck was FINALLY ready.  There went my entire day..  :-(

Even though I did not get to my lil' projects, I found some goodies at Hobby Lobby that would be perfect for my current craft ventures..

  Any of you who have who are family or have been my facebook friend for a long time will probably remember these from last year...

I made these and a few more for my sweet neice, Kenadi, and a friend's sweet baby, Mallory, that were both born in August of last year.

I did not make anymore because the sewing maching I had at the time was a machine my day had bought for my mom almost 35 years ago and it was trying to kick the bucket on me.

Then my sweet mom gave me my own sewing machine for Christmas!!  Unfortunately, I have been to tied up with school and other things to really have the time to sit down and use it.  Now that I have more free time, I'm feeling a little creative which comes in handy because there some sweet Mamas I know that have either a sweet new baby or are on the nest right now.

I found a few goodies at Hobby Lobby like 1/2 off ribbon and few good remnants.  Even a yard of burlap for a $1 which is awesome cause it's on sale right now for $2.99 a yard!!

I just loved the aqua fabric.  I got that remnant for next to nothing and I think it's going to make a darling fabric rosette on something. (Kellie @ This Blessed Nest is rubbing off on me with her love for rosettes) I'm starting to get a good collection of ribbon for these burp cloths.  Now all I need is an embroidery machine so that I could monogram them myself.

I can't wait to get started on these baby gifts!!!  Check back to see some once they are finished! 

I'll be back tomorrow for the Fall Festival at This Blessed Nest!  Hopefully with some fall decor up by then!  Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!!

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