Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a BIG personality

Jude has always had a big personality, but lately it seems like it's getting even bigger!  (this is the nice way of saying, "Please help!  My child has hit the Terrible Twos")

In August I took my very first girls only trip since I got married.  We had a blast in Florida for five days!  When I got home, my little redhead openly displayed his displeasure with my trip.. and it lasted for days.

Just watch this sweet kid transform before your eyes..

Pretty cute and happy when Mama is playing with him or holding him..

Then, I put him down or leave the room to answer the phone, cook dinner, fold clothes, or whatever and these are the events that unfold..

Jude turns into Rudolph and his eyes tear up..

He pokes out his bottom lip.. and by this time the nose and the eyes are pouring everywhere.

And he lets me HAVE IT!  He will sit there and cry and scream until he completely wears himself out..

Then I pick him up, and the world is perfect again.  So rotten, that one is.  And he only does this to me.

I remember crying on the phone with my own mama several times because I thought Jude couldn't or wouldn't understand that I was his Mama.  He never reached for me to hold him or cried when I would leave a room.  How silly I feel now for having those thoughts!  Jude definitely knows who his Mama is and he loves her very much.  

Hugs and Kisses,
Angel and Jude


  1. Hey Jude. Its Mrs. Kim Garcia. Just wanted to tell you that I love you sooooooooo much and no matter what every time I see you I always smile. You are so precious and I am so glad you and your awesome parents are in my life.. love ya precious!!!

  2. is it ok to say, that i am smitten with jude??? he is the sweetest. that red hair & his rudolph nose. mmm.mmm.mmm. love him.

    so sweet what you said at the bottom of this post. it's just precious, angel.


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