Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three Sweet Months

I can't believe that my sweet Aubrey Lane is already three months old!!!

Aubrey, at three months your little personality is starting to come through.  You are very sweet for everyone but you prefer your Mommy over anyone.

You love to smile and laugh and coo all the time, especially after you have just been fed.

You are usually a good sleeper and you sleep about 9 straight hours a night!  However, you hate to be out after dark.  If we are in the car after dark, you cry until we get home :-(

You have discovered your hand and your big brother.  You watch him constantly and think he is very funny.

You're a spitter... anyone who holds you for more than five minutes knows this.

Your looks have started to change some.  Once you looked just like your Papa, but since you've started rounding out the consensus is that you now look more like me.  Your hair is starting to lighten up, your eyes are still a grey blue, and you have such a rosy complexion.  You are really beautiful!

You have only had 3 bottles so far and you don't care for them much.  You have only stayed in the nursery a couple of times.  And you go everywhere with Mommy.  

You are such a sweetie!

Can't wait to see what the next month holds!


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