Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's the best medicine!

Laughter that is.

And Lane and I got a huge dose of that super sweet medicine tonight.

I was holding and talking to our sweet baby girl when Lane said something that made me laugh out loud.

Now for those of you who don't personally know me, I have a loud boisterous laugh.  It can be a little startling.  However, Aubrey Lane found my laugh very humorous.  She broke out in a HUGE smile and started LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

It was so stinkin' cute that I kept laughing and Lane joined in.  The more we laughed, the more she did. And this carried on for about three minutes.  

It was the best three minutes I've had in a couple weeks.  

For three precious little minutes, everything in the world was just perfect.

I can't believe she is already laughing out loud.  Time is flying by so quickly as both my babies are getting bigger by the minute.

Just look how quickly Aubrey Lane is growing.

This was during the first week of life. 

This was bath time last week.

She is so sweet lately with her smiles and coos and "laughs".  She is about to be out of 3 months and into 6 months clothes.  SHE IS ONLY 2 MONTHS OLD!!  She is also growing out of what little hair she has :-/  But I'm sure she will get some eventually.  

Aubrey Lane has also gained a lot of head control and can now pose for sweet pictures like this

She is not the only star around the house.  Our Judey Jude is still getting lots of attention.

Lately we have been working on teaching Jude how to help do things for himself. 

For example,

teaching him how to help wash his own hair.  He loves it and is actually getting the hang of it.

Well that's it for now.  I'm sure I'll be back on here soon because I'm getting double the stories to tell with double the blessings.  


  1. Love the pics of Jude washing his hair! So cute! Aubrey Lane is beautiful. Love her eyes!!!! That is so funny about her laughing! I have never heard your laugh, but i would love to! I love funny laughs! :)

  2. Jude has such beautiful eyes and I love how little Lane has jet black hair!


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