Friday, November 4, 2011


To say it is National Blog Posting Month, I'm not doing so well :-(

I have good excuses...  Two of them! Jude and Aubrey Lane ;-)

We've had lots of school and therapy, several doctors appointments, an ear infection, a stomach virus, and tons of hugs and kisses.  

We've been a busy family.

Well I actually have three good excuses.  The Mustard Seed Boutique is actually growing and I'm getting some steady business.  I delivered a couple of orders this week!

I'm working on my Etsy store right now and getting it up soon!  

I'm thankful for the little extra income to help out!  

Other than that, Fall is officially here- calendar wise and weather wise.  And we are really enjoying it.  I'll have to post some pictures soon!  Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

I hope everyone is well!


  1. I just wrote a super long comment and it disappeared? Love your fabulous look , hair , make up clothes (dedication dress) . You are glowing! Happy Birthday Jude !!! Aubrey Lane looks like her sweet momma:)))


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