Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Park Weather

Have I mentioned to you before that I just love this time of year?  I think I have a time or two.

I have been on a mission to clean my house super good the past couple of days. (Hasn't had a super good cleaning since Aubrey Lane arrived) But today when I stepped outside, the weather reminded me that I have two bigger priorities than a mopped floor.  So when the mister came home for lunch, I announced that when he got home from work we were taking the kids to the park; I don't care how dirty the house is.

So this afternoon rolled around and we headed to the park.

Jude had a blast sliding, swinging, and teeter tottering...

Aubrey Lane was there to enjoy the park too.

She just enjoyed it in her own little way :-)

We had a great playtime and plan to do it way more often.

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