Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm still here...

I know it's been awhile, but I haven't abandoned my blogging ways.  I've just been a little preoccupied lately... 

Okay, VERY preoccupied. But who could blame me for not blogging when I have been loving on the sweetest babies instead?

That's what I thought.

Life has been good and, well, crazy.  Jude started school back at LSU and Bellingrath Hills Elementary and the running around has been exhausting.  I averaged the time spent in the car traveling from place to place, and somedays we were spending well over 3 hours a day driving around.  HELLO!  That is a trip to Biloxi.  Not to mention that I was having to nurse Aubrey Lane in the car praying that I didn't offend anyone and getting over it if I did.  We decided that we needed to back away from private therapy for awhile.  But we will be back soon.

There have been plenty of highlights the past month.

The first one is that Jude's APE (advanced physical education) Coach feels that Jude will be WALKING soon!  Now that's with the assistance of a walker, but who cares?  He will eventually graduate from that and walk on his own.  Coach Matt has bragged on Jude's improvement in strength and understanding of the mechanics of walking.  Lane and I have been helping Jude walk everywhere to get him stronger. I would love for him to be walking for Christmas- best present I could get!

The eating is still not going that great.  Jude has progressed to biting and eating Ritz crackers, but his desire to eat varies from day to day.

Second thing is that Aubrey Lane is now 2 MONTHS OLD!!  

At her 2 month check up she was exactly in the 50th percentile for weight and height.  Wonderfully average!!  The doctor said she is doing great and meeting her milestones right on target.

It is so hard to believe that my little Sweet Pea we all prayed so hard for is growing so fast. (I've already asked Lane if we can try for baby #3 when I finish nursing Aubrey Lane ;-)

And finally, The Mustard Seed Boutique is slowly but steadily getting up and going.  I am actually working on a big order right now for super sweet friend Darla and her soon-to-be-here grandson. 

I have an Etsy shop.  It's just a little empty right now.  I haven't had time to really design a banner or logo or card for my little business which I really need to do soon.  Until I can get all that done, I've signed up with Big Cartel so I can list a few things at a time until I can get those other things done.  Please check it out for me!

If you live locally you can always email me at ourmustardseed@gmail.com if you would like to order anything and save on the shipping.  I'll be adding Thanksgiving and Christmas items as I can.

Well, I have to get.  Not much time for computers these days unless it's naptime and most of the time I try to get a little nap when they do ;-)  

Hope y'all are doing well!  

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  1. Angel, Glad your back. Nursing in the car , been there , done that;) your sweet pea is getting so big! My new prayer will be that Jude walks by Christmas. PS I checked out your adorable shop. Be super careful about using licensed logos ( college, etc.) I have heard nitemare stories of lawyers contacting stay at home moms on easy threatening to sue or put leans on homes.


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