Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas- Day 9: The Note

Do you remember what you got for Christmas from your husband last year?
Think about it...
I remember... he got me a pair of beautiful pearl earrings.  I was so surprised.  I had really wanted a pair of real pearl earrings for awhile, but hated to ask for them.  There is something so timeless about a pair of pearls.  Every Southern Belle needs a pair.  (We actually plan on getting Aubrey Lane a tiny set of pearl earrings for her first birthday.)  The sad part of this-  I wear these pearl earrings almost everyday, and I still had to stop and really think about what Lane had given me for Christmas last year.
Well this Christmas, money is way tight. It was just an expensive year for us.  Private preschool, a new baby with new baby needs, a ridiculous gas bill (can I get an Amen)- all for a family spoiled by overtime pay.  And with the economy being so shaky, Lane is not even getting 40 hours a week. Don’t get me wrong; we are by no means starving or doing without, we have just had to buy needed, not wanted, gifts for Christmas. But truly we don’t NEED anything. ;-)
(I debated even talking about this, but if I make this blog out like I’m some perfect person with this perfect life, I’d be down right lying!  I want my blog to be “real”, ya know.)
Yesterday, I got a sweet reminder that loving each other and simple acts of kindness throughout the year is the greatest gift we can give one another.
When I got home yesterday, I found a note from my husband in the door.

"I got a surprise for you! Check the sewing room!"

"Keep looking! Try the junk food cabinet!"

"Not here! Turn around & check the ice box!"

"Happy I Love You Day!  Here's a gift from me to you!
I love you!"

He bought me a fountain drink.  (I’m quite addicted to carbonated beverages.)
This year we may not have a lot of money to buy a lot of Christmas presents we don’t need.  But I guarantee you that 10 years from now I will still remember this very sweet sentiment.  I’m currently brainstorming ideas to return this sweet gesture.


  1. well melt my heart why don't ya!!!

  2. When Loren picked me up at the airport after Vann's funeral; He brought me the same gift and just the way I liked it. It made me feel how much he knew me and that he thought of me and what I REALLY would like/need.
    Since then I have had two girlfriends notice me like this and do simular with my DrPepper addiction.


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