Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas-Day 3: Traditions

Before I get started, am I the only nerd that sang "Tradition" in my head from "The Fiddler on the Roof" when you read the post title?  Probably so, lol. 

Who doesn't love a tradition?  Especially a Christmas tradition.

I am such a creature of habit, though.  I like doing the same things on the same time and same day every year.  

I. Love. It.

In a world that is so unstable and full of heartache, I want to provide my children with as much stability and security as possible.

Of course the best way to provide that is to raise them in a Christ centered home.  
But you can also provide lots of traditions for your family to depend on every year.

The point of these traditions is to make memories.  When I am old and gray and my children are busy raising their own children, those memories will be completely priceless to me.

Well we have one solid Christmas tradition that Lane and started on our first Christmas when we were dating.

Every year we decorate the Christmas tree and order pizza.  Then we watch a Christmas movie- usually "Elf"; however, this year we watched the SEC Championship game.

See?  It's so simple, but something just makes my heart smile when the tree goes up and Lane automatically asks me if I want him to go ahead and order the pizza.

(It's a little bare, I changed our whole Christmas colors scheme this year)
This year, we started putting our Christmas cards we receive on the Christmas tree.  I think it looks very sweet.  And Lane likes it too.

We have another little tradition that we do every Christmas Eve before we head to Lane's family's house.  While we are all dressed in our (coordinating) Christmas best, we take pictures in front of the Christmas tree.  I love to see how we've changed over the years and how my babies have grown.  
We also participate in our church's candlelight Christmas service every year the Sunday night before Christmas.  It's such a special time to share with our church family.

And as you read yesterday, we also introduced Wilbur, our scout elf on the shelf, this year.  I can't wait to have so much fun with him.  I have already decided that sometime right around Thanksgiving every year, we will have a special breakfast to welcome Wilbur back every season.

These are just a start.  I know that the best traditions and memories happen on their own.

What are your family's traditions?

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