Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Reply for Santa..

After posting Day 2 of my Twelve Days of Christmas series, I got only two responses.
However, two responses were all I really needed.

If you missed the post last night you can just click here to read it.

Back to the responses- I'm posting the second comment first. It was written by a friend from my hometown, Whitney, doing her best to raise two little girls in a Godly manner.  

I wanted to share her comment because it offers a practical way to combine true Christmas meaning and Santa- plus the gift giving tip!  EXCELLENT! 


this month- after our girls say their prayers each night we follow up on the true meaning of Christmas and how we should focus more on Jesus and why he was born more than Santa, elves, snowmen, etc. 
I have also tried to incorporate the ''Baby Jesus'' rule...3 gifts were given to Jesus, so 3 is good enough for them. That makes it a little easier for me not to go overboard and go to crazy with gifts. 
Hope that helps!!
*Plus, they think Santa works for Jesus, lol.”

The first response I'm posting next, was from a very sweet sister in Christ, Melanie, who has raised four children in a Christian home.  I admire her faith greatly.  When she shared her comment, I thought that it was so elegantly put that it needed to be shared, because maybe, just maybe I am not the only Christian mom on the fence about Santa.

“Loved your post. I understand both ways also. With my sons I was a little more anti Santa. I was a rather new Christian and still caught in a lot of legalism. I did take them to see Santa and took pictures with them but never told them he was real. They always knew where their presents came from. Years later and a little more balanced. I did things a little different with my twin girls. They took pictures and I left presents unwrapped for them say Santa doesn't wrap. After that they knew the unwrapped gifts were from Santa. Not sure when they finally realized Santa wasn't real but it was fun to pretend. God gave us an imagination and pretending is part of childhood. Which ever way each family chooses to handle it is a personal choice. There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus. As long as we teach them more about Jesus and His birth than Santa I think we are ok.”

Did you get the most important part of that comment?  

"There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus."


I think, even as steadfast Christians, we need to be reminded the simple truth.  I know I did.

Do you have an opinion you would like to share?


  1. Angel, I agree that there is no harm in pretending and as long as we as Christians teach our children the real meaning of Christmas it is okay.
    I never told my children who are now 23 and 19 was not a Santa when they were young it was fun to pretend but always made sure they knew about Jesus and the reason for the season. When my girls asked about Santa I did not lie I asked them what do you think? Then I confirmed their knowledge that there is no Santa and that the real reason we celebrate Christmas was to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also love the idea of 3 gifts like the wise men gave to Jesus and will pass this idea to my girls for their children.

  2. Love these posts, Angel. I have a lot of friends on both sides of the fence. I agree that there is no harm done as long as your children know the true reason why we celebrate Christmas. i do not want to go overboard with gifts, but I do want to "play" Santa. Not sure if i will have my kids believe in him or if i will tell them the secret from the beginning yet, but I do know I will not drag it out & go crazy trying to MAKE them believe (as i've heard of parents doing). I will also teach them about the real St. Nick. :) My friend Linds just wrote up a post on her thoughts & I thought it was pretty good.

    I think it's bad to be too extreme on either side! And i think it's good to make sure they know that Jesus is the true reason for the season - whether they believe Santa is real or just pretend he is just for fun!

  3. I love the one ladies idea of the three gifts since that is what the Lord received, very powerful post. It is fun to see your children's face light up, but when I have children I want them to understand and get excited about the true meaning of Christmas and giving.


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