Friday, June 3, 2011

Beatin' the Heat

Wow!! Has it been HOT the past few days or what? If you are a fellow Louisianan, I am only preaching to the choir.  But to those of you not from here, let me tell ya, the heat index is already in the 100's here!  That's a little hotter than normal for early June in Louisiana.  And we are in the middle of the second driest year Louisiana has had since they started keeping record of our precipitation.  YEP!! It's hot here!

The problem is that the heat, a three year old who loves the outdoors, and his eight month pregnant Mama are not the best summer time combination.

Never fear!  Mama found a way to let her redhead play outside while they both beat the heat...
Santa brought this little water playground to our home this past Christmas, and we've been waiting for the Jude's surgery to pass so he can play in it.
I know you are thinking, "A water toy is an awful Christmas present," but when Santa found it at Target for the price above, he couldn't pass it up!

And there was just enough room in it for his very pregnant mommy to cool off with him.  We had so much fun playing in the water; however, I limited our playtime to about 40 minutes... My redhead can only take so much sun at a time...
And Jude is back in full swing from his surgery Tuesday.  His nose, eyes, and ears are much clearer now.  But we are sticking to our guns on the "no-water-without-earmolds policy"..  You can see the his bright green ear molds made just for him in the picture above.
We may have only played for about 40 minutes, but it made for a great nap time! 

It was a wonderful day!  Can't wait to go play again!  How are y'all beatin' the heat this summer?


  1. That's awesome Angel! He is so cute and that play thing looks amazing! Wish I had found one for Jaden. He would love it!!

  2. He just gets cuter and cuter! You are such a great mother.

    Glad to hear he is doing so well.

    Thank you for your kind comment on yesterday's post. You are too sweet!

    God bless!


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