Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nestings, Sprinkles, and Blessings

Today has been a very, very nice day.

I woke up before the alarm went off with a need to clean.  I was so surprised by this because I taught at Vacation Bible School all week; I figured I would want to sleep in.  Instead, my poor sweet husband woke up to his pregnant wife making a "to do" list for the day.  From that moment on, I didn't stop... my need to nest was just way too strong.  

I dusted, vacuumed, wiped down window seals, mopped, steam cleaned the sofa, cleaned bathrooms, defrosted a freezer, organized, and so on and so on.  My mom came by (when I say came by, it's really a planned visit because she lives almost an hour and a half away), but I didn't even stop to sit and visit with her.  I kept mopping and talking to her all the while.  Actually I was so thankful she stopped by.  My redhead was at his limit with cartoons and was about to require some Mommy playtime, but his Maw Maw came in and played with him.  All the while, my poor husband was following behind, trying to keep up, and scratching things off the list too.  He was so sweet to just give in and let me go nuts.

Next I gathered some tiny little outfits and a couple of blankets and packed them in a diaper bag for the hospital ;-)

Then, while my mom played with Jude, I got ready for my Baby Sprinkle-- I put on my blue dress and my sweet hubby painted my toenails for me since I can't reach them these days.

I headed over to my sister-in-law's house where I was welcomed and loved on by some of the sweetest ladies I know.  

I was "sprinkled" with some cute gifts including a precious sweet pea themed baby book and a pedicure from one of my best friends, an awesome Thirty-One bag full of goodies from my girls in the church nursery, some adorable gifts from my Bible Study teacher, a cute sweet pea themed layette from a very sweet lady, the most beautiful diaper cake I have ever seen (I'll never have the heart to take it apart) made by a precious friend who is becoming more dear to my heart everyday, and an abundance of diapers, wipes, and way too generous gift cards from family and friends who love me too much! {I plan to have some pictures up soon!}

Lane, Jude, Sweet Pea, and I are incredibly blessed by all the outpouring of generosity and love!

Tonight, Lane and I were treated to a pancake breakfast dinner by his parents.  {I have been craving pancakes for a while now.} We got some good visiting time in and some good food in our tummies.

This week, Lane and I are going to pick up a baby carrier and double stroller, along with some other goodies needed for Sweet Pea's arrival... I can't believe my baby will be here so soon.  I have actually had three contractions while typing this post!  

Speaking of the baby, I have been feeling much better and much more encouraged about the health of the baby over the past few days.  I really believe that everything is fine with the baby.  We go back to see my doctor and Maternal Fetal Medicine Tuesday and will find out if the baby is picking up on its growth.  

I know everyone is praying hard for us and I could never put into words just how much this means to us!  Please keep praying for us.  Please pray the baby picks up its growth rate! Please pray for a safe delivery without the need for a cesarian and most importantly for a healthy baby!  However, please join us in giving thanks that our Father is who He is and the His plan is PERFECT!  We want His precious name glorified through all of this!  


  1. I must have sent the bug your way. I am a cleaning machine too:) I have been keeping you and sweet pea in my prayers. Hugs!

  2. I love that you are so confident in the Lord. True Faith and an encourager to all. :) Thank you~

  3. I just have to say that I love you and your family!


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