Sunday, October 17, 2010

What have I been doing?

 Well.. last week, I had a FULL week.  Besides the usual hectic schedule of therapy and doctor's appointments for Judey Jude..  we had a couple other projects going on as well..


A sweet lady, who is not only a dear friend to me but also a woman I have a great deal of respect for, saw my post about the picture frame I made from my wedding napkin (that still needs a wedding picture in it, by the way) and asked me to make her some frames for her high school reunion.  I was honored!

She thought they were precious when I brought them to her and that totally made my day.  I hope her former classmates found them as adorable as we did!


This week will be quite busy as well.  I will be working on some pillow case dresses for a sweet little girl at church.  And since I have my sewing machine out, I'll also be working on a project to link up with


This Blessed Nest and her Silhouette Party!!

I actually have a few ideas, but I am hoping to get at least one finished because Jude has a hospital stay scheduled this week.  It's just an MRI and tubes, but my sweetie with respiratory issues has to stay overnight.. so remember him in your prayers this Wednesday.

oh.. by the way.. you'll want to definitely check back in the next couple days because I have two must see posts coming up:
1. A post for my sweet redhead's birthday events and...
2. A REALLY EXCITING SURPRISE (and I ain't dropping one hint)

See you soon!!

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