Tuesday, October 26, 2010

silly hats

hey everybody!

i'm just dropping by with a quick note and super cute picture.  jude is doing great and the days are fun.. well sort of.. i'm on a mission to de-clutter, deep clean, and organize my entire house room by room and that hasn't been very fun for jude...

so i'm making a promise to get him out to the park and to play more outside because it won't be long before it's too cold to play inside.  WE ARE GOING TO THE PARK AT LEAST TWICE THIS WEEK!!!

now, if i could find a warm hat that jude would wear, we could spend more time outside when it's cooler.  it's my fault he won't wear a hat.  since he was born, i've had an awful time covering up his beautiful hair with a curl-smooshing hat.. so i never made him wear one.

it's really a shame because he is so stinkin' cute in any hat he wears...

i hope everyone has a great week... i'll be back later with a couple projects and some pictures to show off my redhead at the pumpkin patch...

have a great week,

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