Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gettin' Gussied Up.. for a PARTY

So... everyone know how much I love my Judey Jude with his curly red hair.  In fact, as everyone also knows, I love his curly red hair so much that I have a hard time getting it cut regularly.  (I usually wait until every tells me what beautiful hair my "daughter" has before I get it trimmed)

So, last Thursday morning when I went to get Jude out of bed..  I realized it was definitely time for a hair cut.  Even though his curly red hair is beautiful, it can get wild and take on a life of its own.

(It still amazes me to find Jude sitting up in his crib when I get him up in the morning)

With Jude's birthday party coming up, I figured, "Why not go ahead and get his haircut today?"
Good thing his Maw Maw Lucy (Lane's mom) cuts hair..

She has cut all her boys' hair all their lives... Lane has never had his hair cut by someone else, and so far, neither has Jude (for all 6 hair cuts ;-)

It is amazing to me to see how much Jude has matured and developed despite all of his obstacles.

When Jude got his first hair cut at about 13 months old, he had just gained to ability to hold his own head up and it was still a struggle for him.  So Lane had to hold him while I helped and Mrs. Lucy cut.

As he's gotten older, he only needed me to hold him, but he would scream and cry the WHOLE time.

This time, he sat in the chair by himself the whole time and didn't cry at all.

He was such a big boy and I was so proud of him!

But, of course I could not have her cut off all of his beautiful curls.. there are still plenty of red curls framing those big blue eyes.  
I know mamas are biased, but I know I have one handsome lil' man.

Stay tuned for a post of birthday party pics... They are too cute..


  1. i am so glad you didn't cut off all his wonderful curls.

    that's how i feel about my mason's hair. he doesn't have curl, but i love his blonde surfer hair look. it fits him so. i love it.

    jude looks so happy in the last picture. i love seeing pics of him. it makes my heart happy.


  2. Very cute! Im glad you left some curls on top! My second son had beautiful blonde curls and would get called a girl every time we went to Walmart. Even in tennis shoes and overalls. :) Even my parents said he was too pretty to be a boy. ;) Jude is such a cutie pie. Enjoy those curls! One day he will want to shave em all off like my husband! ;)

  3. what a beautiful blessed little boy to have such a great family. i wish all little ones could be so blessed to have so much love AND what a blessed family to have such a beautiful boy! it is such an amazing thing to see that God lives and it shows so much through families like yours.
    lots of love from Jana & Rhonda (my mom)

  4. So sweet, I am a hair stylist in real life and I have to say giving little baby boys thier first hair cuts is the hardest thing I do, not because they are wiggly and they are, but because I know they are going to leave big boys and not babies the first cut changes so much. Thanks for your sweet word about my Sentimental Sunday link party, so nice to get to know you,

    Cha Cha


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