Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Hoo" am I?


I'm linking up with Night Owl Crafting and her weekly "Hoo Are You?" linky party.

Here are this week's questions? 

1.What was your favorite meal growing up?
2. What's your favorite month?
3. What store is most represented in your wardrobe?
4. How many times do you go to the movie theater each month/year?
5. Fill in the blank- I've never been able to ___________________

Here are MY answers to this week's questions?

1.  My favorite meal growing up was spaghetti.  I thought it was a fun meal to eat.  I can still remember asking for "basghetti".

2.  My favorite month would have to be October.  I love the holidays and October always seems like a kick-off to all the fun events during the end of the year.  I really love October through December.

3.  It's usually a pretty good mix.  Right now I have a lot of Banana Republic Outlet and Old Navy in my closet.  Love cotton!

4.  I used to go all the time, and loved to go by myself (weird, I know but I loved going alone).  Since my son was born, we go to the movies about 2-3 times a year.

5.  I have never been able to WHISTLE!  I know, ridiculous right?  Despite my husbands teasing, I still try with my only success being an airy shrill sound.

Well.. that's all my answers for now.  Post your own answers and make sure to link up with Night Owl Crafting.

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