Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Such a Sweet Tuesday

Today was a great day.. so full of accomplishment...

First, Jude had a wonderful physical therapy session and an awesome speech therapy session this morning.  He participated with little to no fussing whatsoever.  He has WONDERFUL therapists and  I adore those sweet ladies.

Then Mommy had a productive evening working on some baby gifts and picture frames for a friend.  Of course, this productivity was possible thanks to nap time.  (My sweet boy let me rock him to sleep for his nap.  That is a very rare occurrence and it totally melted my heart.)

Then came dinner, which I need to give a little foreword...  a couple of weeks ago, we saw Jude's GI specialist and we decided to try an appetite stimulant after a little treatment for reflux.  So yesterday we started Jude on periactin, his appetite stimulant.  Now remember, Jude was not eating ANYTHING at this point...  Well I got a little optimistic today, even though we are only two days into the new meds, and I decided to feed Jude some dinner.


Jude ate everything I gave him, and he enjoyed it!!

What was on the menu? Mashed potatoes and gravy from Popeye's. (The graduate student observing Jude's speech therapist gave me the idea.  A lot of children with eating issues prefer stronger flavored and spicy foods)  He would have eaten the whole container, but I only gave him a little of what was on MY plate.  If his tummy tolerates seasoned food well, I'll keep those mashed potatoes in the house.  We finished up with a whole jar of bananas as a dessert.  

I am so proud of him!!

It is times like these that I am reminded of the "birds in the air" and the "lilies of the field" in the book of Matthew chapter 6 verses 25-34.  These scriptures have always been so dear to my heart.  We are told not to worry about what we will eat or wear because the Lord promised to take care of us.

The mailman must have known that today would definitely provide cause for celebration.

Because he left these in my mailbox.  Two of my favorite stores!!

I sure hope that Wednesday will be as good as Tuesday!



  1. So glad that y'all had a great day! I might have to ask the doc about that appetite stimulant for Emma Kate (and I'm definitely going to try those mashed potatoes-what a great idea!!)

    P.S. Pottery Barn and J. Crew are two of my favorites too! I do a little happy dance everytime a catalog comes in the mail :)

  2. this post made my heart melt!

    so happy he ate for you. who would of thought that they would like stronger tasting foods.??.
    i so hope his little tummy can tolerate it for him & you.

    best wishes. go jude go!!! i'm cheering for you both from tennessee. ;)

  3. I am behind in reading your blog, but since Emma Kate's mom posted, I thought I would follow-up and say that Bean (my little heart transplant recipient) is also on Periactin and we can definitely tell a difference! Sometimes we have to cycle her off for a week or so because it loses its special powers, but she definitely eats a lot more now! What a magical medicine that is!

    Now, back to catching up! :)


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