Thursday, February 25, 2010

An update or two...

Just a few updates on what's been going on...  First of all, we saw Jude's GI specialist Tuesday.  He thought as far as nutrition goes, Jude looks great.  He said his weight was good and to keep doing what we're doing.  We also discussed Jude's feeding issues.  The doctor feels like since Jude has passed his swallow studies, that his poor feeding is probably phsycological.  Meaning eating stresses Jude out due to oral aversions and visual defensiveness...  (Jude doesn't want anything in or near his mouth and will push away and cry with he sees anything coming towards his face)  However, the doctor still wants to scope Jude to make sure that he doesn't have any inflammations due to allergies causing it to be painful when Jude eats and swallows.  This could be likely because inflammation was found during Jude's bronchoscopy that was thought to be the result of allergies (which Jude tested negative for).  The Dr. explained that many patients have tested negative for allergies yet had the inflammation.  Hey, it's worth a shot.

Second, we saw the pediatrician yesterday for an upper respiratory infection.  Now we are on antibiotics which help the infection but end up giving Jude stomach aches and causing vomitting.  So if you will pray against these things for Jude.  Although Jude has been sick, he has been in a great mood.  He's been such a sweet baby; cuddling and kissing every chance he gets.

Well that's it for now.  Jude is going to visit his Maw Maw and Great Grandma this weekend.  Hopefully the weather will be wonderful and I'll have some nice pictures to post.  Hope eveyone has a blessed day!!

Angel and Jude  

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