Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Lil' Wagoneer

The weather this Saturday was too good to stay inside.  So outdoors we went.  We sat in the grass (where it was dry), hit golf balls, and took our first ride around in the wagon we got for Christmas.  Jude loved his wagon.  We took turns pulling him all around the yard.

Maw Maw Lucy is pulling him while Mommy takes some pictures.

Then Mommy got a chance to pull him around and Daddy took pictures.

After we rode around in the wagon a while, we took a pit stop in by the barn in Uncle Joey and Aunt Casey's yard to play in the leaves from the big oak tree.  Jude had a blast throwing the leaves.
(Look at Jude's hands; they are full of leaves.  This was kinda exciting because of Jude's sensory issues, he is so picky about what he touches.  He didn't think twice about grabbing the leaves to throw :)

And of course, Mommy doesn't let too many picture opportunities pass her by...

Just look at how red that hair is!! I would have never guessed that Lane and I would have a red headed baby.  We think it's beautiful and perfectly fits Jude's little personality.

This Watts Family had a great weekend.  We hope everyone has a great week!!!

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  1. It WAS a beautiful day Saturday. So glad you were able to take advantage of the opportunity to play and explore with Jude. Thanks for sharing your pics. It always touches my heart to see the progress he is making. Standing! wow! God is so good. Jude is so blessed to have the Love of the Father poured out to him through you and Lane. You are so special. We took Naomi to Global Wildlife on Saturday. She enjoyed it, but she seemed more infatuated with throwing the food out of the bucket than even looking at the animals. LOL! Love ya, girl!


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