Monday, February 15, 2010

A Brand New Day

As most of you know, Jude has had a Caringbridge site for a long time now.  However, I have decided to back away some from that site since Jude's health is stable and nothing scary has been happening lately.  I have decided that I just love documenting and journaling special moments in our family life.  So I'm going to do that on this blog I had started long ago.  I will be posting pictures and special moments on this blog from now on...  so remember to add it to your favorites list ;)  Now I haven't decided on whether or not I am closing the Caringbridge account; as for now it is active.  This blog will kind of pick up where we leave off with Caringbridge, but more family oriented. 

Check back soon for special pictures because I will be putting some stuff up soon..

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