Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surgery Date... and more

Yesterday, the ENT's nurse called me and told me that they have a date for Jude's tonsillectomy.  "March the 26th, in two weeks" were her words.  

She continued to tell me that Jude needs to have blood work and a couple other things done the week before the surgery.

Well, I called my mom to let her know and she brought to light that the 26th is NEXT MONDAY!  I called the nurse back and she just didn't realize that the 26th was only next week.  

So yesterday we spent running around doing pre-op stuff and "attempting" to get a successful stick for blood work.  Attempting being the key word.  I held my sweet redhead tight as they dug around looking for blood.  He was such a big boy and only cried for the sticks.  

Here he is last night with his bandages.  He was so tired and starting to feel bad.

We are "attempting" at a different lab tomorrow so please say a prayer that they get a successful stick on the first try!

It was Aubrey Lane's 8 month birthday yesterday too, but she was running a little fever and cranky so I haven't got her monthly post done yet.  

Speaking of fever, both kiddos ran fever last night and we ended up in the pediatrician's office this morning with BOTH kiddos.  So thankful my mother in law came along to help me with them.  The double stroller is just too much somedays.

Both kids are now on antibiotics.  Aubrey Lane for her first and hopefully only ear infection, and Jude for a respiratory infection.

Hopefully everyone will be better for Monday, the BIG surgery day.  So please keep our family in your prayers for this coming time.

Now onto the "more".

Please take the time this week to love and pray for your neighbor. I'm not just referring to your friends, coworkers, or fellow Christian brothers and sisters. When I say neighbor, I mean anyone God puts in your path. 

There is too much hate in this world... please take a few minutes each day and replace some of that hate with love!


  1. My prayers are with you and your sweeties! My little one has been running a fever and on her first antibiotics, for ears. The nights are so long , ugh!

  2. Bless you and your family Angel. You are always in my prayers. Please give a hug to each of your sweet little angels for me.


    God bless


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