Sunday, March 18, 2012

Because they're ours...

When Jude was born, several doctors talked about his unique characteristics like his chromosome abnormality was completely to blame for all those details. 

Not only would they would contribute his medical problems to his genetic disorder, but also physical characteristics like his curly red hair and short stature as well.  The disorder even gained credit for his happy disposition.  

Many of these opinions made Lane and I feel like Jude belonged to his genetic abnormality more than he belonged to us.  

Then we had Aubrey Lane.  She does not have the same chromosome abnormality that Jude does, yet she shares so many of her big brother's characteristics.  They even share a small birth defect.  When Jude was born, he had a little dimple in his lower back known as a sacral dimple.  Lane has one too, but the doctors still credited Jude's chromosome disorder to that birth defect.  Well four years later, a healthy baby girl was born with that same exact dimple.  Proving that Jude did not have his dimple from his genetic disorder, but because he was Lane's son.

This makes my heart so happy and I watch both Jude and Aubrey Lane in amazement as their personalities develop and I see so much of Lane and me in them.  And I love how they are even sharing so many personality traits.

Now don't get me wrong, God is completely responsible for creating both of those precious babies.  But God did give them our genes. 

So, because they're ours...

they both have their father's blue eyes

Jude has my course curly hair inherited from my own father

they both have a great love for music

Aubrey Lane has my pug little nose

they are both little shorties

Jude is a cranky morning person just like his mommy

they both rub their faces and snuggle blankets when they sleep

Aubrey Lane already sings like her daddy

Jude loves the outdoors like both of his parents

they both have tiny little feet

they are both well known for their happy and sweet personalities

I could not be prouder or more in love with those two little people that are so much like Lane and me.


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  1. Such a sweet post. And i am so happy that y'all have found what you knew in your heart already to be true! That Jude got some of these things from you & lane! :) Love it. And love his hair & eyes! So cute!


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