Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well... I can't believe I'm about to say this so soon, but, Aubrey Lane, you are six months old today!  Although it seems like just yesterday that I was introducing a tiny little newborn with a pink bow to the rest of my family, I couldn't imagine life without you!

We took you to the pediatrician today for your six month well baby visit, and she says your still pretty perfect.  You weigh 15 pounds and 7 ounces and are 26 inches long.  You can wear 6 months clothes perfectly and even fit into a good bit of 9 months clothes.  Your feet are tiny and you still wear a size 1 shoe.  You still wear a size 2 diaper.  

Your weight and height have flip flopped. The last time you were weighed, you were just below the 75th percentile and your height was just below the 50th.  Today, your height was around the 65th percentile and your weight was just below the 50th percentile.  Your thighs are still a little chunky and cute.

You are meeting all your milestones right on time. Just a couple days after you made five months, you started rolling over onto your belly, and since you roll constantly.  You are not sitting by yourself, but you are so close- maybe a week away at the most.  

You also just cut your first tooth.  I literally prayed and asked God to let your teeth take their time coming in.  I feel He answered my prayers because your brother cut his first tooth at 4 months!  Your Papa cried and said we definitely have to have another baby.  Fine by me ;-)

Aubrey Lane, you are so funny.  You have found your little voice and you love to play with it all the time.  You have starting imitating sounds and silly noises.  You babble "dadadada" and "papapapa" constantly.  You love to play in your jumper and love to roll around on your playmat.  You have found your feet and pull your socks off as soon as I get them on- just like your brother.   Speaking of Jude, you LOVE your brother.  You watch his every move and squeal in delight when he gets close to you.  He is very sweet and surprisingly gentle to you.  You haven't shown any stranger anxiety yet, but you still cry until someone gives you to your mommy.

Aubrey girl, you are one heck of a nurser.  It's your absolute favorite thing to do.  You still don't take bottles; however, when we got home tonight, you were so tired and hungry I decided to offer you a bottle to see if you were willing to fight the difference.  You GULPED that bottle right down like you've never had anything else.  I got so excited, because now I know you will take a bottle if you are hungry enough.

You still don't care much for cereal.  Your doctor told me, today, that you can finally start baby foods.  (Your pediatrician doesn't like her nursing babies to start baby food until six months.) So we are starting you tomorrow with carrots.  I was going to start you tonight, but we had a meeting at school for Jude this afternoon then grocery shopping this evening so you were way too tired to try a new food.

You still sleep in your bassinet.  I put you in your room for one night, and I cried... so the next night you went back to the bassinet.  But I'm going to try to be brave and let you start sleeping in your crib before I have to turn it into a toddler bed ;-)  You still sleep through the night; however, lately you have gotten up around 4:30 to eat.  You still take about 3 good naps a day.  We have discovered that you cannot and will not sleep without a blanket.

You are still so beautiful, of course.  I am pretty sure at this point that your eyes are going to stay the same gray blue as your papa's.  Your hair is starting to grow, finally, and it's nice and dark.  Your cheeks are still sweet and pink and always chapped.  I am constantly smearing Aquaphor or Vaseline on them.  You get complimented on your calm and sweet disposition everywhere we go.  Your Papa says you are just quietly curious.  

You still LOVE your bath times and are about to grow out of your infant tub.  Just look how much you've grown, my bathing beauty.

 3 days old

about 3 months old

six months old

There are so many unique and beautiful things about you and your personality that I could write about them all night long, but I need to put you to sleep.  So I'm just going to leave with some pictures of you on your half birthday.  

I love you, my sweet pea!

at the doctor today... you thought your image in the mirror was very fascinating

 I always love this dress on you!

you were not a happy camper for your pictures

"The LORD bless thee and keep thee; the LORD make his face shine upon thee and be gracious to thee; the LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace."
Numbers 6:24-26

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  1. She is so gorgeous! Happy 6th month old day Aubrey Lane!! Oh and I love the new blog design...very cute!


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