Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Better Today

Hey y'all! Thanks for all the encouragement and sweet words yesterday. We are feeling much better today.

Mr. Lane took off work today so that he could go to New Orleans with us for Jude's neurologist appointment. We reached Children's and I spoke with the nurse about everything Jude is doing now. I was very anxious and a little downhearted because I was afraid that Jude's development, or lack there of, would be dissappointing to the doctor. Well the nurse noticed my anxiety and asked if I was worried about something. And I told her that I was afraid that Jude's development had plateaued. She gave me an exaggerated "NO" and told me that according to his chart, he's made lots of improvements.


Praise the LORD!

Then the dr came in and examined Jude. She picked Jude up and made him walk across the room. She got so excited and said that Jude was going to walk and probably within the year. NEVER had a dr tell me that! So exciting! BUT... I know Jude, and he's not gonna walk until Jude's ready. And I'm okay with that.

Other than that everything looked great. We are going back in February for a hearing test under general anesthesia so the dr ordered an MRI to check Jude's spine. He has a sacrel dimple so she just wants to make sure his spinal cord isn't tethered. (that the nerves are not attached to the base of the spine).

She also thinks that Jude can come off his meds to control his intercranial pressure. Yay to that.

Lane treated me to a visit to Pottery Barn Kids since we were already in NOLA and I had a gift card. There were too many cute things there and temptation everywhere. So I decided on something simple and I broke down and bought Aubrey Lane a Sophie giraffe. It cost me a whole penny after the gift card. She loves it!! I'd gladly pay full price for it.

We had a good day!


  1. Loved to read about Jude's appointment! Sounds great! :)

  2. So glad things are looking up... Praying for you and your sweet family! Ps: isn't pb kids amazing??


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