Monday, January 30, 2012

a LOT going on

We have A LOT going on right now.  So just prepare yourself; this will not, by any means, be the shortest post in my blog history.
Where to start?? 
I guess where we left off...  last Thursday for Aubrey Lane’s six month birthday.
That afternoon, after Aubrey’s well baby visit, Jude had his regular homebound school session at Bellingrath Hills Elementary. (I have no clue WHY that neighborhood is called Bellingrath Hills.  There is not one hill anywhere in or around Central.)  Anyway, we also had his IEP meeting that afternoon as well.  It was easy last year, but for some reason, I was nervous for it this year.  We discussed goals for Jude and new plans.  We decided that since he will be going to preschool there next year, that we should work him into longer times at the school.  So, instead of Jude going to BHE a for couple of hours on Thursday, he will now go to school from 10-3.  
I was so excited that Jude was going to get more school time, but I can’t lie.  Part of me wanted to just scoop him up and walk right out the door with him. Not that there was anything wrong- everyone at BHE is WONDERFUL!  It’s just scary.  I spent the last 4 years taking care of Jude and not trusting too many other people to do so.  I mean we have never even hired a babysitter before.  Only his grandmothers have ever keep him, and one of his aunts has kept him twice.  So to ask me to leave my baby for 5 hours is a lot.  
Well we started this past Thursday with his new schedule.  I did stay half the day with him, but not because I was being a weenie, but to fill out some paperwork and teach them how to feed him at lunch.  (Did I mention Jude is eating again??)
They bring him to class and to the the cafeteria in a wagon.  I managed to capture a couple of pictures.  I was happy about this because I did not want to put him in a wheelchair because I KNOW MY BABY WILL WALK ONE DAY just like I KNOW HE WILL EAT ONE DAY TOO!!!

Overall, Jude had a very good day.  It helps that he absolutely loves school.  He starts yelling and clapping his hands when we pull into the parking spot.
Jude also started school back at LSU this week too!  Hard to believe he’s been there for a year now.  Seems like just yesterday I was sharing the news that Jude got into the program.  So Jude’s got quite the busy schedule this year.  
This week will also be a tough week.  Along with our already busy schedule, Jude has an appointment with pulmonary to get the results of his sleep study TODAY!!!  PRAYING that Jude can finally come off the oxygen at night.  Then we have to go see his neurologist at Children’s Hospital tomorrow.  These visits are always so stressful for me!
We haven’t been all work and no play around here.  
Last week, we got to celebrate our best friends’ daughter’s, Hannah Grace, 2nd birthday.  She had a Very Hungry Caterpillar party.  Her mom and I share the same brain waves, I think.  Anyway, HG has a baby cousin named Grayson Lane that was born about 2 weeks before Aubrey was.  (we are friends with his parents too)  Grayson Lane and Aubrey Lane had the exact same color on (completely random) so we had to get pictures of them together.  Aren’t they adorable?!  Did I mention that Grayson Lane and Aubrey Lane also have the same last name.... talk about your alliteration. 

Aubrey Lane started on solids last week as well.  It was miserable at first, but now she really enjoys eating and she actually eats almost the whole jar!  We are doing veggies first, then we’ll do fruits.  So far, she’s not a fan of peas, but she LOVES carrots.

Aubrey Lane also started sitting up last week.  So now all she wants to do is sit and play with her toys.

Her little personality is starting to really develop.  Right now she seems very confident in everything and not shy at all.  She is absolutely infatuated with Jude, and he is amazingly careful and gentle with her.  They can even snuggle now!  CARAZY!
Despite his rigorous schedule, Jude is having fun too.  Our disability ministry at our church is really starting to bloom, and our family is definitely blessed.  Jude now has a shadow for Sunday School and Children’s Church.  Last week, his Aunt Wendy was his shadow and she sent me pictures of him participating in story time.  It really blessed me; I’m tearing up just typing about it.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see Jude participate and a normal activity with his peers.  It’s beyond words!!  And the way his friends actually love him back?  It’s awesome!  It’s beautiful- to see the body of Christ being restored completely and naturally at such a young age- it’s truly beautiful.  

That's all for now... finally!!

Please say a prayer for Jude today!!


  1. Aubrey reminds me so much of my daughter its crazy!! Much love to all of you. Hugs, kisses, and lots of prayers xxxxoooo

  2. Aw! That last pic is so sweet! All of them are, really! I will be praying for Jude's appointments. So excited to see all of his progress! Aubrey is a doll! Love all the pics!


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