Friday, January 27, 2012

Only 3 left...

The last time I restocked the diapers in Aubrey Lane’s bassinet, I promised Lane that as soon as these diapers are gone that I would move Aubrey Lane into her crib in the nursery.
Well, this morning I went to change her diaper when I realized that she only has three diapers left in her diaper stack.
I know she is six months old, but I’m just not sure that I’m ready for her to move out of our room.  
And I know that I am being ridiculous about this...  She has her own changing table that she’s used only three times and a crib she has slept in twice.  And I don’t have any excuses or reasons for keeping her in our room since she sleeps through the night.
I just can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast.
When did you move your baby into the crib? 


  1. We moved the boys both at 2 months and kate at 3. We can't sleep well with them in the room...they grunt all night! :)

  2. I moved my first in at 2 weeks my second at 3 months my second at 11 weeks and my fourth at 6 weeks.

  3. So just use a small diaper bag by her bassinet? Those 3 lonely diapers can stay put for awhile;) they are only young once. Hugs!

  4. We moved Aubrey into her room at 1 month old. She was a loud grunter even asleep and we just couldn't get any rest! You do what makes you feel comfortable! Isn't there a way to slow down time??

  5. tater man was 3 months. he was also sleeping through the night by two weeks and the fact that his nursery was two steps away helped.


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